Monday, 10 March 2014

Mani Monday (3): Sea Salt Texture!

It's Monday again, so it's time for another Mani Monday! Today, I'm keeping it pretty simple, and am sharing a lovely textured polish. 

The polish I used for today's mani is Julep's "Kai" and it's a sea salt texture polish!

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Back, to "Kai"! This is the finished look!

I did two coats because I prefer to have total coverage when it comes to most nail polishes, but this one did go on very smooth, so if you're really good at applying the first coat, you might just need one. While it does go on smooth, as it dries the sea salt texture comes out...and I have to admit, that part was pretty awesome! :D

I really like this one by itself! It reminds me of a bright blue sky on a clear day, but I think it could also be really neat with some kind of design. I keep picturing a beige or sand colour for the beach. :) Or have the blue as the sky with some birds just drawn as V's on it, or even a beach ball and swimmers or something...maybe I'll have to attempt a design with this one next time. ;)

What do you think of "Kai"?
Are you a fan of textured polishes?
And have you ever tried a sea salt finish polish?


  1. Sea salt texture? Nice! I haven't ever tried out anything like that or even any matte polishes.

    1. Yup! It's actually pretty neat! And this one was really easy to apply, sometimes having texture makes them all gunky and not smooth, but this one just slides right on. :D I'm not a huge matte fan, but I did just buy a cheap top coat from NYC that makes normal nail polish into a matte finish, and it's pretty neat! I'm sharing it in my next Mani Monday. ;)


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