Friday, 14 March 2014

Fangirl Fridays(3): GRIMM!!!

"Fangirl Fridays" is pretty self-explanatory: you fangirl about something/someone on Fridays. :) It's a meme-of-sorts that's seen on a lot of tumblr blogs, and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring to my blog! I couldn't find someone specific to credit, so whoever first thought of "Fangirl Fridays" are awesome! :D I love to fangirl so I'm definitely excited for this!

I've definitely talked about this one on my blog before, but I'm seriously so obsessed with this show right now! My choice for today's Fangirl Friday is GRIMM!!! :D

I remember when Grimm first came out, I wasn't sure if I would like it! It came out around the same time as Once Upon a Time, and they were both about "fairy tales" so I figured it'd be basically the same....I was sooooo wrong! At first, I was only so/so about the show, but with each episode, I grew to love it more and more. I was busy with school for a bit during the first scene, and let the episodes build on my DVR...then I binge watched them all, and I totally fell in love! I still find that each episode gets me more and more hooked!

I love the way that the fairy tales are brought into the show, and the whole "grimm" aspect is fantastic!!!! I also adore the actors! Not only is the lead, David Guintoli fantastic, so are all of the other actors!!! I especially love the bromance between Nick (that's David!), and Monroe!!! :D

Don't these awesome promo shots makes you want to check the show out?

And because I never get enough of sharing Grimm/David Guintoli, are some: 


 Since you might not have seen Grimm before, I thought I'd share some Monroe gifs, too! :D

So, to tell it to you straight, this show is...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Monroe! ;D

Are you a Grimm fan?
And if you haven't seen the show before, are you a fan of fairy tale retellings?

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