Sunday, 16 March 2014

Random Sundays: VERONICA MARS!!!

This "Random Sunday" is definitely going to be dedicated to the Veronica Mars movie! :P 

Last night after work I finally saw the Veronica Mars movie...and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! :D 

 I'm going to refrain from too many details to avoid spoilers, so my comments are going to be pretty vague, but I was extremely happy! 

I loved getting to see characters again! I also loved seeing the smaller characters who were totally personal favourites of mine, like Corny! haha Most of all...and this is probably pretty obvious, I just loved getting to see Veronica again! It was like catching up with an old friend, and I really really loved seeing her reunite with everybody. I loved the bitchy exchange with her high school enemy, her reunion with Weevil, seeing Wallace and Mac, her always entertaining interactions with Dick Casablancas, and of course....LOGAN! ALWAYS LOGAN! I'm a huge LoVe fan, so just seeing them on screen again together was PERFECTION!!  :D I also really loved seeing Keith and Veronica do their awesome father/daughter banter act. :D

And the story itself was AMAZING! It was intense, full of action, and hopefully it'll be just what you were waiting for like it was for me!

I'm also extremely glad that I'm already planning to go see Veronica Mars again tomorrow....because I'm definitely already craving a rewatch of the movie! :D 

Have you seen the Veronica Mars movie yet?


  1. I am glad you loved ti so much.. I can`t wait to watch soon! :) It was one of the best series out there.

    1. Yes it was!! :D I hope you get the chance to see it soon! :D

  2. It was fabulous!! I had high expectations for it, and I had heard that a lot of people LOVED it, and yet I was still surprised and delighted by how awesome it was. I definitely want to see it again soon.

    1. It definitely was fabulous! :D I did, too, and I completely agree, I was so happy with it!!! :D Seeing it the second time was just as awesome!! :D


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