Wednesday 3 November 2021

[Review] MY SISTER'S FLIRTY FRIEND (The Greene Family, #4) by Piper Rayne

Source: Received an egalley to participate in the blog tour,
and also pre-ordered a Kindle version.
Release Date: November 2, 2021


I broke the cardinal rule and slept with my sister’s best friend.

Granted, I’d just found out that I was now a single father to a three-year-old little girl and was low on willpower.

It should also be noted that there’s been sexual tension between us for years. There’s no way it would be a surprise if anyone in our small town found out. That is if we were telling people, which we’re not.

We’re in agreement to keep our affair a secret, especially since neither one of us do relationships.

You’ve probably figured it out already, but things didn’t go as planned.


I'm a big fan of Piper Rayne's various series that are set in Alaska, so I'm excited that we're getting more of The Greene Family series. Jed has definitely provided some comedic relief in the previous books, and he was one of the more non-committal Greene siblings, so I was interested in seeing how is story would end up...especially after he just found out he was a single father (since it's in the description, I'm not counting this as a spoiler :P). 
I definitely felt the chemistry between Molly and Jed, and I loved their banter, but I have to admit that I felt a bit of distance from them in this one, and I think it's because so much of both of their feelings happens before the book takes place. They had a serious attraction already, so their initial feelings weren't something detailed in the story, and I find whenever that happens, I personally don't tend to connect to a romance as well. That's actually the reason best friends to lovers romances and sometimes even second chance romances don't work for me--I want and need to see the romance unfold, otherwise I tend to feel like the story is lacking a little, and that's exactly what I felt here. I also felt like both Jed and Molly were pretty emotionally closed off, both to the reader and each other, so this unfortunately meant that while I liked MY SISTER'S FLIRTY FRIEND, I didn't love it. 
There are things I did love though. :) I loved the family scenes, and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter and steam between Molly and Jed, but like I said, I do wish it'd gone deeper. I also loved the scenes with Jed's daughter, but I wish we'd actually gotten more of those too. I'm sure we'll see lots of her in the upcoming books though, so I'm looking forward to that. :)

Overall, I enjoyed MY SISTER'S FLIRTY FRIEND, but I didn't love it. I loved all of the Greene family moments, especially when Ethel and her friends all showed up and the moments with Jed's daughter.I also loved the banter and chemistry between Jed and Molly, but I did feel a little bit detached from the romance in this one and from both Jed and Molly, which kept me from fully loving it. I think if you love romances that are a little bit forbidden with a hero and heroine who are used to no strings attached-type flings, then you'll really enjoy this one.

Star Rating: ★★★.5 to ★★★★


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