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Racing Savannah Blog Tour: #Review, #GuestPost & #Giveaway!

Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks #4) by Miranda Kenneally
Published by: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication date: December 3rd 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Source: Provided with an ebook from the publisher for an honest review. 
They’re from two different worlds.

He lives in the estate house, and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses. In fact, Savannah has always been much more comfortable around horses than boys. Especially boys like Jack Goodwin—cocky, popular and completely out of her league. She knows the rules: no mixing between the staff and the Goodwin family. But Jack has no such boundaries.

With her dream of becoming a horse jockey, Savannah isn’t exactly one to follow the rules either. She’s not going to let someone tell her a girl isn’t tough enough to race. Sure, it’s dangerous. Then again, so is dating Jack…
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Miranda Kenneally is the author of CATCHING JORDAN, STEALING PARKER, THINGS I CAN'T FORGET, and RACING SAVANNAH. Her fifth book, most likely to be titled BREATHE, ANNIE, BREATHE, is coming out in July 2014. She enjoys reading and writing young adult literature, and loves Star Trek, music, sports, Mexican food, Twitter, coffee, and her husband.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Twitter | Facebook


I am seriously so smitten with this series...and with each book I grow to love it more and more! :D While I loved the three previous books, I definitely have to say that Racing Savannah is my favourite so far!! :D I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

Savannah was an AMAZING narrator!!! I loved that she was so true to herself, and that she knew that even though she was poor, she still had value! Too many heroines...and people in real life, too, don't value themselves enough, but Savannah definitely didn't have that problem, and I totally loved her for it. I was so proud of her throughout this book, and I absolutely loved that she stood up for herself the way that she did. Savannah is one of those characters that you just have to love, not only because she's an amazing person, but also because she's the kind of person we all should aspire to be more like. I really hope that we see more heroines in YA like Savannah because she's fantastic.

Also, I absolutely loved Savannah's relationship with the horses! And of course, I loved her relationship with Jack, too. ;D Sometimes the boy got on my nerve, but like I said, I was proud of Savannah, and in her interactions with Jack, she definitely made me proud...Jack did in the end, too. All in all though, I loved Jack...and if I were Savannah, I would've been smitten with the charismatic cowboy, too. ;D I honestly just loved the characters in Racing Savannah, they were great! I really enjoyed getting to know them, and I loved getting to see the siblings of a few of the previous characters growing up, it was pretty neat.

Racing Savannah actually takes place a few years after Things I Can't Forget, but we did still get to see our favourite characters from the previous books, they're just a little bit me though, you will LOVE that you get to see them! I was totally giddy and squeeing when I saw what the characters were all up to. ;D

Overall, I absolutely LOVED Racing Savannah! It's my favourite in the Hundred Oaks series so far, and I thought that Savannah was an amazing heroine! She was strong, funny, and just all-around awesome! I think she's one of the best YA heroines out there, and I loved reading her story. I can't wait for more from Miranda Kenneally because the Hundred Oaks series just keeps getting better and better!


I asked Miranda why she chose to make the Hundred Oaks series a companion series rather than just following one narrator, and here's what she said:

Thank you for having me on your blog today! I’m honored.

Why did I choose to write companion novels rather than a series? That is a great question. I have to be honest. I never set out to write companion novels. When I first wrote CATCHING JORDAN, I knew it was a standalone novel. I kind of had an idea of what happened to Jordan and Henry when they went to college, but I never wanted to write that story. The thing about sequels is that there has to be drama, and in order to find drama, I probably would’ve had to break up Jordan and Henry or give them some impossible problem. With good books come great dilemmas. (That sounds like something a literary Spiderman would say, eh?)

Even though I’ve gotten about a gazillion emails cursing me for not writing a CATCHING JORDAN sequel, I didn’t want to mess with Jordan and Henry’s happiness over the course of 300 pages, and I honestly doubt my readers ultimately would like that either.

So how did I get started on companion novels… Well, several months before CATCHING JORDAN was coming out, my editor told me she wanted more books from me. I had already started writing STEALING PARKER, but it was set in another town in Tennessee, at a totally different school. But as I kept moving through the story, characters from CATCHING JORDAN just showed up! I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. The same sort of thing happened when writing CATCHING JORDAN. I had intended for Ty and Jordan to get together, but Sam Henry would just not go away. He kept showing up in scenes and then I realized he was there to stay.

I’m really glad my books have turned out as companions. I love expanding on the same town and meeting new characters along the way.

I hope you guys enjoy reading about Savannah and Jack, who live on an estate right next to Will Whitfield’s (Corndog from Stealing Parker) in RACING SAVANNAH.

Some other companion novels I enjoy are Sarah Dessen’s, and Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever/Iced companion series. I can’t wait to read Huntley Fitzpatrick’s companion novel to MY LIFE NEXT DOOR.

What companion novels do you guys like?


Prize (open to US and Canada only): 
--A pair of Ralph Lauren riding boots. Or another pair of boots at equal or lesser value.
You can see the boots here. :)


You can find the rest of the Racing Savannah Blog Tour HERE.

What do you think?
Did you like Miranda Kenneally's guest post?
And did my review make you want to start this series if you haven't already?
And if you haven't started it yet, why not?! It's amazing!!

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Hard As It Gets Book Blitz: Question & Answer with Laura Kaye & Review! #Review #QandA #LauraKaye #HardInk

In honour of the release of Hard As It Gets today, I've got an awesome Q&A with author Laura Kaye provided to me by the publisher! They've asked some fantastic questions, so I'm excited to share them with you! :D If you keep reading, you'll also find my review for Hard As It Gets...which I totally loved. ;D


HARD AS IT GETS is one steamy read! How did you first get into writing?

Thanks so much! And thanks for having me here! I’ve been a writer all my life. I’m a historian by training, so writing non-fiction was a part of my job for the fifteen years I worked as a college professor. But I started writing fiction in 2008 in kind of an unusual way. I hit my head on July 4, 2008. I didn’t think much of it that day, but soon after I realized I’d really hurt myself, and it turned out I had a minor traumatic brain injury. As I recovered, I was filled with an amazing urge to be creative, so I started taking guitar lessons (still not very good at that!) and wrote my first novel in 12 weeks (fortunately, I’m better at that LOL!). The experience of writing that first book was truly transformative. It was what I was supposed to be doing, so I revised that book until it sold and kept writing new ones. And I haven’t looked back since!

Why did you choose to write romance?

I had been an avid reader of paranormal romance for years at that point, so I wrote what I loved. But I also picked romance—unconsciously, I think—because to me it’s an incredibly hopeful genre. Romance stories are inherently stories about people who can’t find love or think they don’t deserve it who overcome the odds and find it in the end. In the years leading up to starting writing, I experienced a number of very hard personal losses, so writing in this genre was one way I worked through those issues.

What does “Hard Ink” refer to? What importance do tattoos play in your story?

Hard Ink is the name of the Rixey brothers’ tattoo shop in the Hard Ink series. Nick and Jeremy Rixey are co-owners, though Nick (the hero of book one, Hard As It Gets) prefers to be more of a silent partner, despite Jeremy’s efforts to put Nick’s artistic talents to work. In this series, tattoos are a way people remember, pay penance, or highlight what’s important to them. The act of creating permanent marks on skin has deep meaning to them. And the shop creates a gritty setting where diverse kinds of people meet and interact in the series. I really love it!

Describe Becca—what do you love most about her? And Nick?

I’d love to! Because I really loved writing these characters!

Becca Merritt is smart and strong and honest and protective. I really loved the way she was willing to stand up for those she loves, even against people and forces who might be stronger and even a little scary. There’s a scene in particular when she dresses down Nick’s Special Forces teammates after a fist fight where I was particularly cheering for her! LOL

Nick Rixey is, omg, so freaking hot, you guys! He’s brooding and tortured and honorable and when he falls he falls  so hard. I especially loved Nick’s mix of hard, alpha edges with his artistic side. When Nick shows Becca what her idea for a tattoo might look like on her skin, it’s just scorching!

What significance does the military play in the book?
Military themes are central to the whole Hard Ink series. The military isn’t just sexy window dressing nor is it just there to provide an intriguing backstory. The prior SF guys are this series are entirely defined by their military experience good and bad. It informs their identity, their sense of honor and duty, their view of the world, and of course gives them the skill set required to fight the battles they face in the series. The overall series mystery the characters are working to solve revolves around a military conspiracy in Afghanistan, so even though they’re out of the Army, the military themes are central.

If you could describe your book in a 140 character tweet, what would it be?

In #HardAsItGets, an ex-soldier joins forces w/his dead commander's daughter to regain his tarnished honor & save her brother from a gang

Is there a particular author or book that has influenced your writing?

There are a number of authors that have influenced me, but if I had to pick one it would be J.R. Ward. A lot of what I know about how to write sexy, authentic male point of view comes from reading her books. And I definitely learned the importance of a good bromance to a romance novel from her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, too. Given my ginormous fangirling, you can only imagine how flipping excited I was when this happened:

“Edgy, sexy, and full of suspense! A great read from a great new author!”
~J.R. Ward on Hard As It Gets

You guys, I bawled like a baby in the middle of a huge workshop put on by my publisher. For real. LOL

What advice would you give aspiring writers looking to get into the publishing industry?

Here’s my advice:
1) Write, write, write. You can’t revise what you haven’t written and you can’t sell what you haven’t written. And the psychological and emotional boost you’ll get from writing “The End” for the first time cannot be overestimated.
2) Revise, revise, revise. That first time you type “The End”? Yeah, you’re nowhere near done. Your book will need to be edited, by you, several times before you ever put it in front of an agent or editor. You get one shot with them, so don’t waste it by not showing them your very best and most polished work.
3) Find critique partners. And your mom, siblings, and best friend do not count (unless you’re really lucky, like me, and your best friend happens t also be a professional author). You need other aspiring writers in your genre who will give you honest but constructive feedback about how to improve your manuscript. Let them catch all the embarrassing goofs and plot holes you thought you caught before it gets to an agent or editor.
4) Want to be a professional, then act it. And by that I mean join the professional organization(s) of the genre in which you write. Through them you will find classes to help hone your craft, critique partner match-ups, networking opportunities, calls for submission, and other opportunities invaluable to breaking into publishing.
5) Don’t give up. You will hear way more no’s than yeses, particularly early in your writing career. Stick with it. Believe in yourself. Give yourself one day to wallow in the rejection and eat a bunch of chocolate and then get right back on the horse. If your first book doesn’t sell, chalk that up to learning and write a second.

What can fans of HARD AS IT GETS look forward to next?

I’m currently writing four series: two contemporary (Hard Ink, Heroes) and two paranormal (Hearts of the Anemoi, Vampire Warrior Kings). I’ll have books from all four of those releasing in 2014. My next release is Hard As You Can (Hard Ink #2) coming 2/25/14!

About Hard As It Gets:

Five dishonored soldiers.
Former Special Forces.
One last mission.
These are the men of Hard Ink.

Tall, dark, and lethal...

Trouble just walked into Nicholas Rixey's tattoo parlor. Becca Merritt is warm, sexy, wholesome--pure temptation to a very jaded Nick. He's left his military life behind to become co-owner of Hard Ink Tattoo, but Becca is his ex-commander's daughter. Loyalty won't let him turn her away. Lust has plenty to do with it too.

With her brother presumed kidnapped, Becca needs Nick. She just wasn't expecting to want him so much. As their investigation turns into all-out war with an organized crime ring, only Nick can protect her. And only Becca can heal the scars no one else sees.

Desire is the easy part. Love is as hard as it gets. Good thing Nick is always up for a challenge...
Read Chapter 1 of Hard As It Gets
Buy at Amazon | B&N | iTunes

About Laura Kaye:

Laura is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over a dozen books in contemporary and paranormal romance. Growing up, Laura’s large extended family believed in the supernatural, and family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses cemented in Laura a life-long fascination with storytelling and all things paranormal. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

 You can find more information about Laura Kaye's newest releases HERE.


I have to admit that the extremely delicious cover did initially attract me to Hard As It Gets, but it was the description and the promise of an intriguing story that got me to actually pick it up, and I definitely wasn't disappointed! :D

Hard As It Gets was full of action, but it was also full of character growth, and some seriously amazing chemistry between the two main characters, Becca and Nick (a.k.a. Rixey). Right from the moment Becca and Nick are introduced, the chemistry is palpable and boy is it sexy and hard to resist! Before reading Hard As It Gets, I had read Laura Kaye's Hearts in Darkness, so I did expect some steamy parts...and I definitely got them with this one, too!

This book is more than just about sex though. I loved that the characters connection was so real, and although they hadn't known each other for very long, I could completely believe and understand their strong attraction for each other and enjoyed the progression of their relationship. I also just thought that Becca and Nick complimented each other extremely well, and I especially loved that while Nick protected Becca, he also knew that she was capable of taking care of herself and that she was stronger than she looked. The relationships between siblings were pretty fantastic in Hard As It Gets, too. I absolutely loved Jeremy and Nick's relationship, and I loved seeing Becca interact with Nick's brother, Jeremy, too. I also loved getting to see Becca and Charlie's relationship, and I really admired her for doing all that she could to find out what happened to him, and to help him. Plus, Nick and his buddies were seriously fantastic in their was actually incredibly fascinating to read about it all! :D And the dog...I'm a softie for dogs in books, and this one has a really adorable one. :)

Overall, I loved Hard As It Gets! I thought that the romance was fantastic, but I loved that the story was about more than romance, too. It was about family, brotherhood, learning to trust, finding love and acceptance, and doing anything you can for those that you love. It was a wonderful story, and I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Hard As You Can! I'd recommend this one to fans of steamy reads who want their story to be about more than sex, and if you're a fan of a bit of mystery and action, you'll like it even more.

What do you think?
Do you want to read Hard As It Gets?
And are you a fan of steamy reads?

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Cover Reveal: A Little Too Hot (A Little Too Far #3) by Lisa Desrochers #Giveaway #CoverReveal #NewAdult

From USA Today bestselling author Lisa Desrochers, comes the third book in her sizzling New Adult series.

If you play with fire…

Tossed out of college and cut off by her parents, Samantha West is in pretty dire straits. So when her rocker best friend hooks her up with a job dancing at a gentlemen’s club, who is she to turn it down? Plus, there are rules to dancing at Benny’s: No touching, keep your clothes on at all times, and never get closer than three feet. Unfortunately for Sam, her first private client makes her want to break every single one of them.

Harrison Yates is scorching hot, but he’s got a past that involves being left at the altar not too long ago. Sam is determined to make him forget about his ex, but when she makes her move, it flings her life into a spiral of chaos she never saw coming.Because Harrison Yates isn’t who he seems to be. And his secret will probably get her killed.
Lisa Desrochers is the USA Today bestselling author of A LITTLE TOO FAR , courtesy of HarperCollins, and companions, A LITTLE TOO MUCH (Nov 12, 2013), and A LITTLE TOO HOT (Jan 21, 2014). Also in stores is her YA PERSONAL DEMONS trilogy (Macmillan).

She lives in central California with her husband and two very busy daughters. There is never a time that she can be found without a book in her hand, and she adores stories that take her to new places, and then take her by surprise.

Author Links:
Goodreads | Facebook | Website | Twitter | Blog



See all three covers together!

A Little Too Hot releases on January 21st, 2014...and I just have to say that it definitely has my favourite cover so far! I love that they're ALMOST kissing...and I like the pink...the pink looks fantastic against the dark silhouettes of the couple!

What do you think?
Do you like A Little Too Hot's cover?

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J.A. Huss "Ford" Book Title & Cover Reveal! #Giveaway

So, first I'm going to start off this post by announcing the book's title for you...I totally left it off of the blog post title to surprise you. ;)

Without further ado...the title of the Ford Spin-off from the Rook & Ronin Trilogy is:


And here is it's lovely (and I just have to say it...GORGEOUS cover! ;D)! Also, keep reading for a giveaway at the end of this post. :)

And here's a full spread of the cover (you can also click on it for a closer look):

TAUT: The Ford Book (A Rook and Ronin Spin-off) by J.A. Huss
Publication date: January 2014
Genres: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Ford Aston is getting the f*ck out of Denver. He does not give a shit about blizzards, getting his old ass Bronco over the Rocky Mountains in one piece, or a girl knocking on his hotel door looking to be saved.

Ford Aston is known for many things. Being an emotionless, messed up bastard, a freakishly smart social outcast, and a cold, domineering master who keeps “pets” instead of girlfriends.

And after Rook broke his heart, he plans to keep it that way.


Ashleigh is getting the f*ck out of somewhere, but she’s not quite sure where she’s coming from, let alone where she’s going.

Ashleigh is known for nothing, and that’s exactly what she’s got going for her. She’s broke, stranded in the mountains with a three month old baby, and Ford Aston is f*cking with her head.

Big. Time.

And she plans to f*ck with his right back.


It’s a coy game at first, filled with flirting, and innuendo—but Ford soon realizes something is not quite right with Ashleigh. In fact, something is seriously, seriously wrong and the closer they get to their final destination, the closer Ford gets to the truth.

One night of devastation, self-loathing, and emptiness turns into the best thing that ever happened to Ford Aston. But one day of in-your-face reality threatens Ashleigh's whole existence. Can Ford allow another woman into his heart and risk the possibility of being hurt, or will he walk away from Ashleigh just when she needs him most?
Series Purchase Links:  AMAZON | B&N

J. A. Huss likes to write new adult books that make you think and keep you guessing. Her favorite genre to read is space opera, but since practically no one reads those books, she writes new adult science fiction, paranormal romance, contemporary romance, urban fantasy, and books about Junco (who refuses to be saddled with a label).

She has an undergraduate degree in horses, (yes, really–Thank you, Colorado State University) and a master’s degree in forensic toxicology from the University of Florida. She used to have a job driving around Colorado doing pretty much nothing but shooting the breeze with farmers, but now she just writes, runs the New Adult Addiction and Clean Teen Reads Book Blogs, and runs an online science classroom for homeschoolers.

Author Links: Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Twitter



So, what do you think of the name and the cover?
I personally love both! And Ford is looking pretty good on that cover. ;D

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Random Acts of Kindness: Christmas Edition #RAK #SecretSanta #MyWishList

It's been a while since I've participated in RAK, but I couldn't resist this awesome Christmas Edition! I always loved the Random Acts of Kindess feature hosted by Book Soulmates, but I'm definitely even more excited to do a Secret Santa version...check out the awesome button that Vanmar Designs created for Book Soulmates for the event! It's so cute and festive...and doesn't it make you want to participate? :D 

Book Soulmates

 Now, since it is a new variation of the event there are some new rules. I've copied and pasted them below in the quote box just in case anyone is curious about them before they want to sign up, and below, I'm going to post the top five books on my wishlist. :)
(please read thoroughly)

  • Participation requires that you agree to send your assigned contact (1) Secret Santa gift (selected from the wishlist provided).  In exchange, you will also receive a Secret Santa gift from the person that was assigned your name.
  • We suggest that you put a note on/with your gift stating that it's a "Secret Santa RAK gift" and include your name/blog so that the recipient knows who the gift is from :)
  • The form will ask you for your Top 5 Wishlist Titles as well as a link to the rest of your wishlist (located on Amazon, Goodreads, or your blog, etc).
  • The form will accept sign-ups starting November 1 through November 24. 
    Sorry guys, but the form will be closed after November 25th to allow us time to assign & distribute.
  • All participants will be contacted via email on December 1st with the information for their Secret Santa recipient.  It's very important that you check your inbox for this message!
  • You will have from December 1st to December 25th (the sooner the better) to send out your RAK.  After all, it is to be a Christmas present!
  • E-book participation is limited to files being gifted directly to a person from the e-book store. Amazon's Kindle, Barnes & Noble's Nook, and the Kobo store are all set up to allow this.  We do not, ever, encourage people to send pirated books so we urge you to use your discretion if/when accepting PDF files not sent through a retailer.
  • At the end of the month (by Dec 31st), show us your R.A.K by creating a "RAK Wrap-up" post.
  • You may also show off your participation by grabbing our *new* Christmas Edition RAK button!
Remember that you can order from Book Depository to ship to an international friend!
Sign up for RAK: Secret Santa 2013
(Note: This time, you guys don't get to see who else signed up because it's a seeecret ;)

If you have any questions regarding RAK, please contact us via Twitter or at our email booksoulmates @ gmail . com

1. When talking about RAK on Twitter, please use the hashtag: #RAK. It makes it much easier to keep track of the conversations, answer questions and/or tweet back! =)
2.When submitting your wish list, please make sure that it is set to PUBLIC viewing. Some people have had trouble with wish lists that were set to private. We want to be sure that no one is left out of getting great RAKs.
3. Some of you have gotten frustrated because you can't get your links to appear active. This is a very easy fix :) Just make sure that when you enter your link, do NOT hit the Enter key. Instead, hit the TAB key which will send you to the next field on the form. Additional spaces entered after the link will leave the link inactive.  However, if this does happen to you, no worries, we'll fix it for you.
You can find Book Soulmates post on the Christmas Edition of RAK, HERE


1. Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis (Book Depostiory | Amazon | Indigo)
2. Just Like Fate by Cat Patrick and Suzanne Young (Book Depostiory | Amazon | Indigo)
3. Starry Nights by Daisy Whitney (Book Depostiory | Amazon | Indigo)
4. Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher (Book Depostiory | Amazon | Indigo)
5. Longbourn by Jo Baker (Book Depostiory | Amazon | Indigo)

What do you think?
 Are you going to sign up for the Christmas Edition of Random Acts of Kindness?

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Review: Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth (Spoiler Free!)

Source: Bought/Personal Library
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: Already Released.
Number of Pages: 526 (Hardcover)

Blurb from Goodreads:
One choice will define you.

What if your whole world was a lie?
What if a single revelation—like a single choice—changed everything?
What if love and loyalty made you do things you never expected?

The faction-based society that Tris Prior once believed in is shattered—fractured by violence and power struggles and scarred by loss and betrayal. So when offered a chance to explore the world past the limits she’s known, Tris is ready. Perhaps beyond the fence, she and Tobias will find a simple new life together, free from complicated lies, tangled loyalties, and painful memories.

But Tris’s new reality is even more alarming than the one she left behind. Old discoveries are quickly rendered meaningless. Explosive new truths change the hearts of those she loves. And once again, Tris must battle to comprehend the complexities of human nature—and of herself—while facing impossible choices about courage, allegiance, sacrifice, and love.

Told from a riveting dual perspective, Allegiant, by #1 New York Times best-selling author Veronica Roth, brings the Divergent series to a powerful conclusion while revealing the secrets of the dystopian world that has captivated millions of readers in Divergent and Insurgent.
I'm pretty sure that I have never felt more conflicted about a book than I feel about Allegiant. Even a week later, my feelings are still a mess, and I still can't quite figure out my feelings or tell you exactly how I felt about it.

I will say that I absolutely loved the first two books in this trilogy, and for the most part, I loved Allegiant, too...except for the end, if it could've ended another way I would have been so much happier. I don't think I will ever fully love Allegiant just because I'm still so crushed by the ending. Yes, I did understand Roth's reasons for heading in the direction that she did, and I did feel like it was true to the characters....but I still felt like it was completely unnecessary because the point that was being made was made without what actually happened happening...yes, I know that is completely convoluted and confusing, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers. Simply put, I felt that events right up until the moment I didn't like made the same point that the event did, that the actions and choices proved the point without something having to happen...all in all, I felt like my hope was raised and then crushed. Essentially, I felt betrayed as a reader, and I definitely didn't feel satisfied....although other parts of the book definitely satisfied me. :)

I'm a huge fan of this series as a whole, but I will say that this is one of those trilogies that really didn't end in a way that I was completely happy with. Allegiant was a lot like the first two books in the series for me...I couldn't put it down, I loved the characters, the action was intense, the chemistry and banter between Tobias and Tris was AMAZING, and the writing was fantastic and captivating. I still love Roth's writing and I am definitely looking forward to more of her work, but I do still feel betrayed by Allegiant, and I'm not sure if that feeling will ever go away. I'm just really sad that Roth chose to end such a fantastic trilogy the way that she did Maybe I'll try rereading the whole trilogy in a row...I'm heard that helps with the influx of conflicting emotions that is Allegiant.

While I wasn't completely happy with how Allegiant ended, I do still love the Divergent trilogy and I won't forget it any time soon! Also, the fact that I was conflicted over the ending will probably make it linger in my mind...and my heart even longer. I did really enjoy reading Allegiant, but that ending will forever keep me from loving it...I just can't. I do still recommend this trilogy though because Veronica Roth is a wonderful writer, her characters are fantastic, and it's one of the best dystopian trilogies that I've ever, some people really did love the ending of Allegiant...or maybe they're just less sensitive than I am. :P

I tried really hard to keep this review spoiler free, so please no spoilers in the comments...or if you do feel inclined to write something spoilerish, put "SPOILERS" before your comment. Or, you can email/message me! I'm definitely open to talking about this one...I NEED TO GET THE FEELINGS OUT!

AND just to keep you all entertained, here are a few of my reactions while reading Allegiant!

During some of it, I was internally squeeing sooooo much! (Sometimes it was out loud, too. :P)

At one point, I looked like this...and had to stop reading for a bit.

This followed the crying...

And when I finished, I just blinked like this and tried to figure out how I was feeling.

Anyway...have you started the Divergent trilogy yet? 
If you haven't, are you planning on reading it?
And if you have, have you finished Allegiant already?
What did you think? And how did it make you feel (I'm all about the feelings!)?