Friday, March 7, 2014

Fangirl Fridays (2): FROZEN!

"Fangirl Fridays" is pretty self-explanatory: you fangirl about something/someone on Fridays. :) It's a meme-of-sorts that's seen on a lot of tumblr blogs, and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring to my blog! I couldn't find someone specific to credit, so whoever first thought of "Fangirl Fridays" are awesome! :D I love to fangirl so I'm definitely excited for this!

Last week I fangirled over my excitement for Veronica's just a week away everyone!!! SO EXCITED!!! And this week, I'm fangirling over FROZEN you might have noticed something in common between the two...Kristen Bell, and I must admit that I'm a bit of a fangirl for her in general. ;D haha

I'm definitely a Disney fangirl in general, but I've really been loving their newer films! Tangled was AMAZING, too...and I love to rewatch it! Brave was also fantastic...and Frozen, it was superb! I really love Disney's new animation style, and I thought the film absolutely was GORGEOUS...and the story was so wonderful!

This article, "7 Moments That Made 'Frozen' the Most Progressive Disney Film Ever" (my friend Eilidh from Recovering Potter Addict shared this article with me a while back, so thanks again Eilidh!), describes a lot of the reasons why I loved Frozen so much. It's way more than just a fun, and beautiful movie. It's such a strong film, and sends so many amazing messages, and I think that this is the kind of film that young children, both boys and girls, are going to see and actually learn a positive way. I really love Disney films, I do, but I have to agree when people say that some of the messages in their films really aren't good for kids. Women really don't need men to rescue them...and you should never have to totally change who you are to be with someone, so I think newer films like Frozen are sending extremely positive messages and telling them in a very enjoyable way.

You may have seen this gem floating around tumblr or other websites...and I have to say, it really is about time. I definitely love the fairy tale endings, but it is nice to get a dose of reality in there. ;)

Now, let's move away from the serious talk. Frozen definitely sends positive messages, but it's also just a ginormous bundle of FUN! The great animation...and the music are so lively and riveting! I'm pretty much going to rewatch my copy of the film nonstop once I get it. :P On that note, I convinced myself that Frozen came out on DVD this past Tuesday, and was totally crushed when I realized I mixed up the date and that it doesn't come out until March 18th...I'm so ready for it then though!!!

I already listen to my soundtrack constantly, and the score is super fun, next step is to watch the film a bunch, too! haha :D 

 I  shared the video for "Let It Go" on my blog yesterday when I posted about music I'm currently obsessed with, but I love it so much...I'm sharing it again!


And I just have to say that I seriously want Elsa's hair so bad! 

Are you fangirling over Frozen?
Anything else you're fangirling over that you'd like to share?


  1. I'm so with you, Ambur. I absolutely adore Frozen! I think it's the best Disney animated feature in years.
    - Jen

    1. I completely agree! I loved Tangled, too, but I think that I loved Frozen even more!!! :D

  2. Ermahgerd YES Elsa's hair!! Haha, but more importantly, there really were some amazing and progressive messages in this one. Of course I love all the old Disney movies and the nostalgia they bring me, but the "modern woman" (heh) in me really appreciated the attempt made to modernize the classic fairy tale story. I've only seen it the once, but I can't wait until it comes out on dvd so I can see it again! I'm sad that I missed the sing-a-long viewings because that would have been so fun.

    1. haha her hair is AMAZING!!!! And there really were! I'm the same way! I definitely love the old Disney movies, and I know I could hate them for messages and stuff, but honestly, I still love them to bits. I do really appreciate what Disney has done with Frozen though, and Brave and Tangled, too! They're presenting strong female characters, and definitely making them more appealing to us "modern women" ;) I only saw it once in theatres, too, but I've already pre-ordered my copy of the Collector's Edition and am going to rewatch it soooooo many times!!! I didn't see the sing-a-long was right when I had midterms and essays due, but hopefully they'll be a sing-a-long feature on the DVD! ;D


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