Friday, 21 March 2014

Fangirl Fridays(4): DIVERGENT!

"Fangirl Fridays" is pretty self-explanatory: you fangirl about something/someone on Fridays. :) It's a meme-of-sorts that's seen on a lot of tumblr blogs, and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring to my blog! I couldn't find someone specific to credit, so whoever first thought of "Fangirl Fridays" are awesome! :D I love to fangirl so I'm definitely excited for this!

TODAY IS THE OFFICIAL THEATRICAL OPENING OF DIVERGENT FOR CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES!!! :D I'm not sure where else it releases today and when it releases for everywhere else, but hopefully if you're somewhere that it isn't opening in yet, you won't have to wait too long! 

I saw it last night...and it was amazing! I seriously just loved it! I wasn't too sure about Shailene Woodley at first, but she really grew on me, and I can totally picture her as Tris...and Theo. *dreamy sigh* I seriously remember thinking he was too old when he was cast as Four, but I told myself to just wait and see what he could do, and once I saw a trailer for the film I was sold...and he was even better in the whole movie. Seriously, I loved Theo James as Four! He's so freaking perfect as Four...and I think I'm definitely going to have to go and watch absolutely EVERY movie and such that's he's been in now because he is awesome. :P I really enjoyed Shailene, too, but Theo was definitely my favourite! haha

I was trying to find fun Theo James memes, and these are the ones I loved the most! haha

I thought that they did a pretty good job at remaining faithful to the book, too. They did change some stuff, but nothing that really bothered me, and the scenes that I loved the most were done so well...and I loved them so much. The whole capture the flag and ferris wheel scene in particular was awesome, as were all of the scenes between Tris and Four!! And the serum sequences were amazing, and so stunning! I just loved how the filmmakers brought them to life!! :D

I also got myself the soundtrack the other day, and was getting pumped listening to it yesterday before I went to see the movie. I didn't even realize that there was a regular edition, and a deluxe one, but luckily the deluxe edition was the one I got, and the music is fantastic! :)

So to sum up that fangirling gush-fest, I loved the DIVERGENT movie...and the soundtrack, too!!

And I'll just leave you with this. ;)

Have you seen it yet?
If you have, what do you think?
And if you haven't, are you planning to see it?
And just in general, are you a fan of book-to-movie adaptations?


  1. I'm definitely seeing this! But I have a debate tournament all weekend so probably not for another week. Can't wait though :)

    1. Yay! :D Good luck in your tournament this week! And I hope you love it when you get the chance to see it!!! :D

  2. Agreed agreed!! I loved it and I didn't have a problem with any of the changes they made. And I am sold on their casting choices, as well! Oh, Theo. Can you believe I only just realized not too long ago that he played Mr. Pamuk in DA? He's got all the ladies lusting after him, hehe

    1. YAY!!!! :D I'm glad you loved it, too, Eilidh!!! :D I didn't either! Most of the changes made sense for me because of time constraints and, they were smaller details that didn't really make a huge impact on the story. YESSSS!!!! I love him! haha I watched DA after he got cast, and I did like him in that. DA, along with the first trailer, was what made me decide that I thought he'd do alright...but he did even better! He was awesome! :D haha he totally does, even the dignified Mary Crawley. ;) haha


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