Sunday, 9 March 2014

Random Sundays: Once Upon a Time is back! :D

I worked on Friday and Saturday this week, so Saturday night and Sunday have pretty much been my time to decompress and get my homework done, but I did make some time for one big thing this week!

ONCE UPON A TIME came back on tonight!!! I seriously missed this show so much! :D My mom and I watch it together most Sundays (unless I'm not at my parents' house for the weekend), and we've both been desperately waiting for it to come back on, so I'm seriously so happy to have it back! I missed my ONCE fix. ;)

I'm not going to spoil anything about tonight's episode, or the series so far, but there's something big coming...something WICKED! ;D

I already can't wait for next Sunday's episode! ;D

Any other ONCE fans?
Do you have a favourite character if you do watch the show?


  1. AH! It's already so good! I'm so glad they are bringing Oz into the mix.

    1. It really is!!! :D I am, too! I love how they're made the evil witch look, too! She's pretty sexy! haha definitely a big change from the original movie version! ;D


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