Monday, 10 March 2014

Cover Catch-Up (3): Bright, Vibrant, & Eye-Catching!!

In "Cover Catch-Up" I share some covers that have either been recently revealed, or that I've just found and really wanted to share.

Today's covers are both ones I've found recently, the first one is a new book I'm super excited for, and the second one is the conclusion to a trilogy that I absolutely CANNOT wait to read!! :D

So, the first cover I have today is for Tabula Rasa by Kristen Lippert-Martin! I just love this cover! It's kind of creepy with the eye so close, but at the same time, I'm fascinated by it and can't look away! This book also sounds AMAZING! I've included the blurb down below in case this is the first time you're seeing it! :D

The Bourne Identity meets Divergent in this heart-pounding debut.

Sixteen-year-old Sarah has a rare chance at a new life. Or so the doctors tell her. She’s been undergoing a cutting-edge procedure that will render her a tabula rasa—a blank slate. Memory by memory her troubled past is being taken away.

But when her final surgery is interrupted and a team of elite soldiers invades the isolated hospital under cover of a massive blizzard, her fresh start could be her end.

Navigating familiar halls that have become a dangerous maze with the help of a teen computer hacker who's trying to bring the hospital down for his own reasons, Sarah starts to piece together who she is and why someone would want her erased. And she won’t be silenced again.

A high-stakes thriller featuring a non-stop race for survival and a smart heroine who will risk everything, Tabula Rasa is, in short, unforgettable.

The second cover I have today is for Remember Jamie Baker (Jamie Baker #3) by Kelly Oram! This cover fits with Kelly's design for the covers, and I'm definitely a big fan of it. I love that the covers are all in different colours...and the lightning is so Jamie! It's also the same photo just used in different ways, which I think says a lot about Jamie's character, too. She's still Jamie...but she's seeing herself in a "new light". ;)  I also just really can't wait for this book, so seeing the cover means we're getting closer to reading the book!!!!!! :D

All of the Jamie Baker Trilogy covers!

I love that both of these covers just really catch your eye, and they're so bright and vibrant, which I'm always a fan of!

What do you think?
Do you like these covers?


  1. Ooh, that Tabula Rasa cover creeps me out big time! I'd like to try the Jamie Baker series someday.

    1. haha I actually kinda like it...even though the eye is a bit creepy! haha You really should! Maybe when the third one comes out, I'll have a giveaway of the trilogy! ;)

  2. I have been following the Tabula Rasa author since back when she first got an agent, so it's awesome to see her book so close to release :) Perhaps we will have to add that to our readathon list... ;)

    1. That's pretty awesome, Zo!! :D And that is awesome!!! We so should!!!! Why not add more, right? ;P


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