Friday, 17 June 2011

Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon Starting Line!

So the Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon hosted by Squeaky Books is starting right now!

And here's my start post! :D

What do you hope to read during the read-a-thon?
  • Hounded by Kevin Hearne
  • The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan
  • Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • Sweet Venom by Tera Lynn Childs
  • Sweetly by Jackson Pearce
  • Subject Seven by James A. Moore
  • Wither by Lauren DeStefano
  • Supernaturally by Kiersten White

 What book are you starting with?
  •  The Long Weekend by Savita Kalhan

I hope to read:
  • At least 3 books. :)

 Where are you going to read?
  • In my bedroom, living room, and possibly outside if the weather turns nice...unlikely, but a girl can dream. ;P
What will you include in your updates?
My updates will look like this:
  • Total Books Read: __________
  • Total Pages Read: __________
  • Books Read Since Last Update: __________
  • Pages Read since last update: __________
  • Total time read: __________
  • How I'm currently feeling: Ready to read!

*Also note that the hashtag for the Read-a-Thon is #SiSRead*

Good luck to other Read-a-Thon participants, and I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday! :D

Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur

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