Friday, 24 June 2011

Guest Post: Why Time Travel by Lesley Livingston

Why Time Travel?

Why the heck not?

Although I fully admit that the process of writing a time travel story has had the cumulative effect of tying my brain into unwieldy temporal knots, I also fully admit that I had a super-fun time doing it! I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of travelling into the past—probably ever since I saw the Star Trek episode “City on the Edge of Forever”—and what the potential consequences would be; all of the awe-inspiring places and things I could experience were such a thing possible; and how such a thing could be accomplished without really messing up the universe as we know it!

With ONCE EVERY NEVER, I got to take a crack at writing that kind of story.
The period of time to which I gleefully jettison my poor heroine, Clare, was a volatile and blood-soaked one and absolutely fascinating: Ancient Britain, right around the time that the Roman Empire was invading, a fiery warrior Queen named Boudicca rebelled and, for a brief, blazing moment, looked like she just might turn the tide of the invasion.

I’ve always been drawn to the culture of the Celtic tribes, to their fierceness and vibrancy, the rich artistry of their metal-work and their independent spirit, and I though it would be great fun to throw a modern character who has no such affinity whatsoever into that world and watch her slowly find herself won over by this wild and wonderful society. Clare ultimately winds up very curious and caring toward these people—maybe she winds up caring a little too much in some ways!—and I had a great deal of fun writing about that in the context of her zinging back and forth through time, all while desperately trying not to detrimentally alter the space time continuum!

*On Wednesday, June 22, Lesley announced on her blog that there will be two more books in the series along with Once Every Never. They're tentatively titled Every Never After and Now and For Never. If you want to read Lesley's blog post on it you can find it HERE.

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Well, what did you all think of Lesley's post? 
Did you love it? Did it make you want to read Once Every Never even more?
If you answered "yes" to at least one of the above questions then you deserve a virtual high five, and also, just are not alone! haha

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  1. I always think it's interesting to read time travel stories because you get to explore the world of the past (or the future, of course), but you can look at it through a modern lens. I can't wait to read this one! =)

  2. @Ashley: I agree, Ashley. :D I find them pretty interesting too. I hope you get to read it soon & that you love it! :D


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