Friday, 10 June 2011

Review: Between by Cyndi Tefft

Source: Received ebook from author for an honest review.
Publisher: Createspace
Release Date: Already Released.

Between was an incredibly interesting story, and it totally sucked me right in! It also definitely helped me appreciate a man in a kilt. I've got to read some more of those books about highlanders now because they are mighty sexy. ;)

Not only does Between feature a sexy dude in a kilt with an incredibly sexy Scottish accent, it is also a story about love, and how it can transcend boundaries. Near the beginning of this story Lindsey dies, and Aiden is the transporter who is supposed to guide her to Heaven. However, once Aiden and Lindsey start to get to know each other they fall in love, and Lindsey is torn between staying with Aiden and moving on to Heaven.

Between was told in Lindsey's perspective, and I absolutely loved her as a narrator. She was incredibily easy for me to like, she was funny, quirky, and she's definitely one of those people you  just know you'd want to be friends with if she were a real person. Her chemistry with Aiden was adorable, yet sexy, and I absolutely loved it. You could practically feel the sparks between the two of them as you read this story. Along with their amazing chemistry, the different experiences they had together were so intriguing and interesting. They do this thing called casting where they can relive memories or just recreate places they've been to or that they know of, and it was just so awesome! I thought that it was incredibly creative of Cyndi, and I think she did a fantastic job describing both the memories and they ways that Lindsey and Aiden reacted to them. :D

Between was an addictive story, and it left me wanting more. It was beautiful, and I think that it's a story that a lot of people would love. I definitely recommend it! That being said, I know some people are very touchy when it comes to any sort of religion being mentioned in a story, so I'm giving you a fair warning. Between does mention God, Heaven, Hell, and some other religious notions, but personally (and just so you know I'm not a religious person myself), I don't think it is done in a way that anyone will be offended, it is a truly beautiful story, and I hope that no one skips reading it because it mentions religion. I definitely encourage you to read this book, especially if you like stories with amazing romances, sexy Scottish dudes, and fantastic main characters! :D

Have you read Between?
If you did, what did you think?
And how do you feel about reading books that mention religion? Does it bother you? Or are you like me, and you don't really care as long as you love the story?

Happy Reading!!!


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