Friday, 17 June 2011

Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon - Day 1 Report Post

Here's my final report for the day, and I get to answer these questions. :)

  • First of all, give us an end-of-day status update. Books read, pages read, you know the drill!
    • Total Books Read: 2
    •  Total Pages Read: 500
    •  Books Read Since Last Update: 1
    •  Pages Read Since Last Update: 92
    •  Total Time Read: 8 hrs, 1 hr since last update
    •  How I'm Currently Feeling: Satisfied, just finished my second book. :)

  • What is the favorite thing you have read today?
      • Sweetly by Jackson Pearce ---- Absolutely loved this one! I actually liked it even more than Sisters Red. :D

  • Which mini-challenge was your favorite?

      • I liked the Wordle challenge, I've never done one before. :)

  • What has been your favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
      • I just love the idea of having an excuse to read for long periods of time. :P I also like seeing everyone else's comments about what they're doing. :)

  • What has been your LEAST favorite thing about the read-a-thon?
      • I think I'd prefer if the prizes were from the Book Depository if possible, that way everything is International, or if specific blogs sponsored the giveaways. I saw that on a Read-a-thon before and I thought it was a great idea, that way there are more chances for everyone to win, and you don't feel excluded from the giveaways. Plus you also get to check out new blogs if you haven't heard of them before. :)

  • Are you on track to meet your goals?
      • Not really, but I expected that I'd fall behind, so it's not really a surprise. I've finished two books at least, and I'm happy with that. :)

  • Will you be participating tomorrow? Do you have any new goals?
      • Yup, I sure am! None of my goals are new, but I do hope to at least get a couple of books read tomorrow. :)

  • Well that's how day 1 of the Spring Into Summer Read-a-Thon went for me, hope everyone else's went well! :D

    Happy Reading!!!

    ♪♫ Ambur

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