Tuesday 3 May 2011

It's My Birthday...and I Can Have a Giveaway if I Want To!!!

So...if you've read the title of this post I think you can tell 2 things...

1) It's my birthday!!!! 


2) I'm having a giveaway!!!

You might also be able to tell that I like the song "It's My Party[ and I Can Cry if I Want To]"...I'm hoping there won't be tears on this birthday, but there will be prizes!!!

Today I'm twenty years old, and I'm officially no longer a teenager, but I'm not gonna let that cramp my reading style! And I'm not gonna let that stop me from sharing some fabulous YA books with you all, and I'll throw in a few options so nobody gets bored. :P

Onto the giveaway!

It's INTERNATIONAL of course, I want everyone included, but I am gonna have a Canadian specific giveaway too.
I'm gonna have it run for 2 weeks so that more people can enter! That means this giveaway ends on May 17th at 11:59 PM (M.S.T.)
You DO NOT have to be a follower, but followers will get extra entries. :)
You also don't have to spread the word about the is giveaway, but you will get extra entries, and yes, you can use the same links in all of the forms, so you might want to copy them and paste if you're entering more than one. :)
You must be 13 years old or older to enter this giveaway.
All winners will be chosen using Random.org, and will have 48 hours to claim their prize!

Now that you know the basic details, it's time to see what you can win...so come on down to the Price is...wait, that's not right...anyways, back to the prizes!

There will be three different types of prizes, each with their own form, and in total there will be 6 winners! Each form will have the information in it too so you won't have to memorize it, and I made all of their themes different, so you know you aren't in the same form. Hopefully it won't be too confusing. :)



Okay, for this one, I'm going to have 2 Winners, one winner will win an eBook version of Flat-Out Love, and one will win an eBook version of Happy Birthday To Me. They'll be Kindle editions, and just so you know , even if you don't have a Kindle you can read Kindle eBooks on your computer with Kindle For My PC, you can download it at that link. :)

There, now you know that even if you don't have a Kindle you can enter! yay! So to summarize, 2 winners will each win one eBook!

To enter to win one of these eBooks, use this form CLOSED.


1 winner will win the book of their choice worth up to $10 (Canadian) from the Book Depository, as long as you can receive mail from the Book Depository you can enter this one. :)

To enter this one, fill out this form CLOSED.



I actually have two copies of each of these books, so I'm gonna share all of the duplicates! That's why it's Canada only, shipping isn't cheap, but if you're not Canadian and are willing to pay for shipping, feel free to enter. :)

For this one there will be 3 winners! Each winner will receive one of the books, but don't worry, if you already have one of these books and you win it, I'm more than willing to work something out for you to get a book you don't have. :)

To enter this giveaway, fill out the form CLOSED.


There you have it folks! Hopefully your interest has been piqued and your giveaway desires are slightly satisfied! Thank you all for stopping by this post and by doing so, celebrating my birthday with me, it means a lot! :D

Also comments will not be counted as entries, but it is my birthday, which means they would definitely make me smile, but they are in no way required. :)

Happy Reading Everyone!!! 
Thanks for stopping by for my giveaway and GOOD LUCK!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Happy birthday! Have a great day! Thank you for giving your readers presents on your day. =)

    Erin @ Quitting My Day Job

  3. Happy Birthday, now begins the best parts of your life. Enjoy them.

  4. Happy Birthday! You do realize I'm going to have that song stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

  5. Happy Brithday from a Goodreads friend! :)

    Hope you have a super day!


  6. YOU should be the one getting the gifts!!

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to you - and me too!
    We share a birthday. Best wishes a day late. *big smile*

  8. Happy Birthday! And so generous on your bday too! :0)

  9. Happy belated birthday, Ambur! Hope you had a great one!

  10. Happy Birthday Ambur!! And thank you so much for this amazing giveaway! I'm totally feeling the Canadian pride right now :)

  11. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  12. HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D *sings loudly and off-key*

    *GIVES YOU CAKE* Bribery? Psh, no. I would never do something like that ;)

    Thanks so much for this giveaway! I love Canadian only ones :D (as well as International!)


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