Wednesday 11 May 2011

Review: Running From Secrets by Stephanie Void

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Running from Secrets was an interesting story, and it was told in a fascinating way. Bethany recently lost her twin sister Antonia, and so she and her family move to a new place to help themselves cope with their loss. Shortly after they arrive in their new house, which is surrounded by forest, a strange man rings the door bell and when Bethany opens the door he warns her that the forest is evil.

Soon Bethany begins feeling a desire to write, and she is quickly enthralled in the written world that she has created. Her parents become worried and her mother suggests that she take a class at the community college because she's a smart girl. Being at school gives Bethany a chance to learn and meet new people, yet for a huge chunk of the time that she is at school she's still completely absorbed by her story. Over time, Bethany realizes that her story isn't what it seems. She has vivid dreams about the characters and even interacts with them, and she realizes they aren't dreams at all. She is really in New Velerethland with her characters! The fact that she can actually go into the story was the thing that fascinated me about this book the most!

I thought that Bethany was a great main character, she was smart and strong, and she adapted quickly. the only thing that I didn't think fit with her was her age. She was supposed to be 17 and she just didn't act like it at all, but I guess not at 17-year-olds act the same, so it wasn't a huge thing. Some of the dialogue was a little awkward, but it didn't detract away from the story. I absolutely loved the characters from New Velerethland, they were my favourites! Chime and Deluge particularly! Then there was the Queen Numuriu who was possessed by evil spirits, and the faun David, who I thought were both fantastic! Chime was the Queen's cousin, who was being hunted because the spirits were making Numuriu blame her for her "illness" and Deluge was the Dark Lord, or the Queen arch-nemesis, who wasn't actually evil at all! Overall, I thought that the characters were fantastic and that Stephanie did a great job developing them!

It took a while for the plot of the story to develop, but once it did I thought it was fabulous. Bethany was being brought to New Velerethland to save them all, and I won't tell you if she succeeds, that's something you'll have to find out for yourself!

Running from Secrets was a great story, with a solid cast of characters, and I think it's something that fans of Narnia will like as they have the whole being able to go into another world aspect in common., plus they both have fauns and Queens! :D

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  1. LOL I like how you had similar thoughts to me about it. I likened it to Narnia too :-)


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