Wednesday 18 May 2011

Champion of Valor Blog Tour: Guest Post by Nicole Zoltack


Seal-like creatures in the water, almost human while on land, sailors have told countless tales of sea creatures like selkies, and mermaids.
Legend has it that the sea has always been and always will be a selkie’s first love. Many stories passed through the years seem to prove how impossible love is between a selkie and a land dweller.
Gabrael the mage and Selliki the selkie know this but love each other still. Champion of Valor is their story – not of finding love but finding a way to make it last.
Haunted by dreams that seem to prove that their love is doomed to fail, Gabrael and Selliki struggle to not take their emotions out on each other while a war threatened their continent. Can love conquer one’s true nature? Or will war destroy everything the lovers hold dear?


Excerpt from Champion of Valor:
 Night came, and they set up camp. Gabrael closed his eyes, and sleep claimed him. When he opened his eyes, all he could see was white. Something appeared in his hands -- Selliki's seal skin. He shoved it into a trunk that materialized out of nothing and locked it.
Selliki entered a few minutes later, looking lovely in a long blue gown. "Come, dear, it's time to be married."
Days passed, weeks, months, years. The two were extremely happy together and even had two children, a precious little girl and a strong, hardy son.
One day, Gabrael practiced magic with their daughter, Yara, on the beach. "The fire comes from within, deep inside your belly. Just feel it, move it up to your throat and blow." Gabrael demonstrated as a shot of flame exited his mouth.
Yara clapped her hands. "I want to try!" She furrowed her brow and blew. Nothing happened. She opened her mouth to try again but her concentration was distracted. "Mama, why are you running?"
Gabrael glanced behind him. Selliki ran toward the ocean, something dark in his hands.
Raphiel hurried over. "I found your trunk, Father."
Gabrael muttered a curse and jumped to his feet
"What's wrong, Father?"
"Where is Mama going?"
Gabrael ran toward Selliki. He reached out with his arms to stop her, so they could talk, but his arms touched air. She had already dived into the water.
Gabrael stood there, by the water's edge, all night long and for the following day, before the knowledge came to him. Selliki had forsaken him. She was never coming back.
A single tear ran down Gabrael's face and dripped off his nose onto the sand. He turned his back on the water and cried. Maybe love isn't enough. How can I ask Selliki to abandon her very nature?

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  1. I do love selkies. Great blog post. I've only ever read Virginia Kantra's selikes before!

  2. I've seen the Selkies and Fenfolk used in more fantasy settings than paranormal.

    But at least I don't get as many weird looks when I mention them. So more people are becoming aware of them.

    In the first Merry Gentry book by Laurell K Hamilton, Merry's boyfriend was a Selkie derivative if I remember correctly.

    I can't remember when I first read about the Selkie's but I've known about them for years.

    I too love Virginia Kantra's Children of the Sea stories.

  3. Hi Nicole. Following your blog tour. I have not read about selkies and only maybe read a coupon of mermaid books. Going to fix that though. Loved your excerpt.
    Sue B

  4. Thanks for dropping by, Rebecca!

    I'll have to look into those books, thanks, Beth!

    Glad you liked the excerpt, Sue! :)

  5. Sounds like a fantastic read. I liked the excerpt. I'm now following you on GFC


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