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Interview with Erin Jamison!

Ambur:  Hey Erin! Thanks for stopping by! :) Let’s start with an introduction. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Erin:  I am a self published author that writes erotic romance stories of strong female characters who doubt themselves initially but then find their inner strength. I work full time and write part time. I’m a mother of one 11 year old boy. I was born and raised in Virginia

What was it that got you into writing?
In high school, English was my best subject and the one I was always advanced in. I had an assignment to write a short story. I didn’t put a whole lot of effort into the story but when I sat down to do it, it just poured out. I thought for sure I was just rambling. I read it back and it seemed ok. Then I was unsure. I wanted to pick it apart but thankfully, I had a deadline so it kept me from being too picky. I got back an A+. 

I remember the feeling. I thought, “Wow….I did that.” Despite that euphoria, I let self doubt deter me. I didn’t write another story until 3 years ago. When I started however, the flood gates opened and the ideas, pieces of dialogue, and concepts became a geyser that is not likely to be shut off anytime soon.

Any advice for other aspiring authors out there?

Well yeah. I’ve written about some of these on my blog ( There is a lot of advice out there and everybody has an opinion. The best writers are readers. If you’re not reading, you don’t take time out to read, or you don’t get back into reading after your project, you lose something. 

Take for instance my book, Better Than 8 Fantasy. I wrote what I like to read. I am the reader I want to attract. I read for pleasure but I also read for tone, technique, pacing, sensuality, build up, etc. Basically, I studied book by book. I took workshops from Savvy Authors and local workshops by RWA chapters to learn the craft from other authors. Who better to teach that the people who have been through the fire and come out the other side.

Don’t be afraid to fail. If you don’t start you can’t fail but you also never take a chance. You think you got a great story to tell? Try it out on friends. God knows my dear friends probably feel like pin cushions because I was always trying out stuff on them whether they or I knew it or not. I didn’t have a critique group; I used my friends. Wow it sounds so awful to say because I didn’t even ask them.  The same funny story that you might take 10 minutes to tell to a group of friends, take that same story and write it out. Give the story as much description and feeling so your reader can pick up on the emotion you’re trying to convey. Send it out to friends and then follow up with them. Ask them what they thought, did they think it was funny, would they like to hear more stuff. If your material is more of a serious nature, still do the same thing. Think of it as sending them excerpts. Most friends will tell that its either good or it’s a good start.

I know you like to write, and on your website it says you’re an avid reader, so what are some of your favourite books?

Are there any fellow Cellies about there ‘cause I am a JR Ward fan. I absolutely love her. I aspire one day to be able to write all those POV’s and keep track of them the way she does. The way she weaves those plot lines together is definite skill and I’m a student.

I also love Kallysten, Shiloh Walker, Rhyannon Byrd, and Larissa Ione.

What do you hope people take away from your writing?

I hope people enjoy the sense of camaraderie among the women, humor, and finding the strength to go after what you want. Nothing is out of your league until you allow it to be. Don’t’ second guess yourself. 

Any other comments that you’d like to share?

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Thanks again for letting me interview you Erin, it’s been great! :D

I hope you all enjoyed Erin's interview as much as I did! 
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 Happy Reading!!!

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  1. Thanks for taking the time for the interview. I too am a HUGE J.R. Ward fan. I've put this book on my to-read list. It's just a shame I can't get this at the Library. ;)

  2. Hey Wild,

    I'm always glad to meet a fellow JR Ward fan. Thanks for putting the book on your to read list. I hope you enjoy it. You can find on Goodreads typically during the day. Stop by and tell me what you think of it when you're done. Have you read JR's latest book?


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