Friday, 1 February 2019

[#SuperSexyGalentines] Introduction!

Happy February fellow romance readers!

Last year, I started a brand new romance-centric book club with three of my best girlfriends: Christine from Padfoot's Library, Eden from The Required Reading List, and Patty from Simply Patty. We call it the #SuperSexyBookClub!

We've been speeding through two romances a month since we first brought our book club together, but for February we decided to do something a little different! We decided that we'd put together a challenge to share some of our favourite romances, our favourite characters, and our favourite tropes or genres...and we'd love for you to join us!

Here we go!
I'm super duper excited to introduce you to our #SuperSexyGalentines!
Our challenge is fairly simple, there are four of us, so every week we'll be sharing four of our favourites in a specific category!

What are our categories, you ask? can find them listed on this handy graphic:

In case, you have any issues viewing the graphic, here's a text version:
  • Week 1: February 3 - 9th - Top 4 Sexiest Male Leads
  • Week 2: February 10 - 16th - Top 4 Fave Female Leads
  • Week 3: February 17 - 23rd - Top 4 Romantic Reads
  • Week 4: February 24 - 28th - Top 4 Fave Romance Tropes/Genres
As you can see we have four categories that we'll be focusing on, and we'll be sharing each during a certain week. The full challenge will run all through February. I plan to try to post on the first day of each week listed on the graphic, but that could change depending on my schedule. If you're joining in, feel free to post whenever you like. :)

If you'd like to visit our social media profiles across various platforms, you can find us at these links:

Christine: Twitter | Instagram | Goodreads | Blog

We'll also be sharing some posts on Instagram! If you'd like to join in and want to use our graphic, you can find it, here: 
Open in a new window for the full graphic. :)

Stay tuned throughout February to see our favourite sexy male leads, female characters, romantic reads, and romance tropes/genres!

Now, who's planning to join in on our #SuperSexyGalentines

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