Thursday, 27 February 2014

What I'm Listening To: Score Galore!!!

I've done a few music related posts in the that I actually titled "What I'm Listening To", too, but I'm hoping to talk about music a bit more regularly. Maybe not every single week, but at least every other week. :)

This week, I'm going to focus on musical scores! I definitely listen to a little bit of everything when it comes to music, but I must admit that over the last couple of years I have totally become obsessed with musical scores! So, I'm calling this post:


I love to listen to scores when I'm writing papers or doing something that I want to concentrate on. They help me get into the zone and stay focused! But, I also love to listen to them when I'm having trouble falling asleep because I find that lyrics can sometimes keep me awake, while instrumentals tend to lull me to least they do if they aren't loud ones. :P They're also great for those times when you get a horrible migraine, which I unfortunately do every once in a while.

I have a few favourite scores, but my ABSOLUTE favourite is definitely the score for 2003 version of Peter Pan starring Jeremy Sumpter. The score was composed by James Newton Howard, and it is DIVINE! I listen to it all the time, and I just love it so freaking much! I'm pretty much a James Newton Howard fangirl now to be honest...I love all of his scores. Just so you know, he also did the scores for The Hunger Games, and Catching Fire! ;D

I also love The Hobbit and Lord of the Ring movie scores...and the ones for Game of Thrones, too! I couldn't really tell you what makes me like or dislike a score, but I definitely like the whimsical, or fantastical ones the most. I love that the Hobbit and LoTR ones always have a Celtic vibe, and I love that I cannot help but think of fairies when I listen to the Peter Pan score, plus, I absolutely ADORE that movie! And for GoT, well I just love the music...probably because I'm obsessed with the show, and who doesn't love that main theme *starts humming the GoT theme here*. :P

So, what about you?
Do you listen to scores?
If you don't, do you think you might try some now?
And if you do, do you have a favourite or favourites?


  1. I just got into listening to music scores last year. I had listened to them in the past, but it wasn't so much the score from a movie, but the original soundtrack (completely different!). I think my favourite right now is still Doctor Who ... if I'm in a hurry, I throw on I Am the Doctor and it gets me moving!

    I love musical scores ... I was a music major in university so I'm always the person looking for the little quirks in music. :)

    1. I love original soundtracks, too. Most of the ones I listen to have lyrics though, and they are quite different...sometimes they do have a bit of overlap though. My score for the newest Hobbit movie, for example, has a song sung by Ed Sheeran on it. :) Oooh! I have listened to a bit of a few of the Doctor Who scores, and they're fantastic! I might have to try that trick! It's crazy how fast-paced music can actually make you move faster sometimes!! :D

      So do I! :D I bet! I'll have to get some score recommendations from your for quirky ones. ;D

  2. I enjoy listening to scores sometimes. I actually found the score from the video game Skyrim on Youtube and listen to that sometimes. And because it's from a video game and not a film, it lasts for hours, which is nice because then you don't need to go back and hit repeat!

    BTW, it's the same Megan from Megan Likes Books, I'm just trying out having a separate diversified blog!

    1. That sounds pretty awesome, Megan! It's kind of nice having a long continuous one. I won't lie...I have so many scores now that mine lasts for hours in a playlist anyway! haha

      Nice! I checked it out this morning, and I'll have to keep up-to-date on your posts! You've got some fun ones on there! :D


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