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Review: Kiss the Sky by Becca Ritchie & Krista RItchie

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Virgin. Sex addict. Daredevil. Alcoholic. Smartass … Jackass. Her five friends are about to be filmed. Reality TV, be prepared.

Rose Calloway thought she had everything under control. At twenty-three, she’s a Princeton graduate, an Academic Bowl champion, a fashion designer and the daughter of a Fortune 500 mogul. But with a sex addict as a sister and roommate, nothing comes easy.

After accepting help from a producer, Rose agrees to have her life filmed for a reality television show. The Hollywood exec is her last chance to revive her struggling fashion line, and boundaries begin to blur as she’s forced to make nice with a man who always has his way.

Twenty-four-year-old Connor Cobalt is a guy who bulldozes weak men. He’s confident, smart-as-hell and lives with his equally ambitious girlfriend, Rose Calloway. Connor has to find a way to protect Rose without ruining the show. Or else the producer will get what Connor has always wanted—Rose’s virginity.

This New Adult Standalone Romance can be described as Friends meets The Real World. Expect fist fights, drugs, sex of varying degrees, crude humor and competitive alpha males. Definitely for mature readers audiences only.

***Authors' Note***
Kiss the Sky CAN be read as a standalone, but it's also a spin-off of the Addicted series. If you'd like to read the Addicted series beforehand, you should read them in order (see below) before starting Kiss the Sky or else the time jumps will be jarring.

Addicted Series Recommended Reading Order
Addicted to You (Addicted #1)
Ricochet (Addicted #1.5)
Addicted for Now (Addicted #2)
Kiss the Sky (Spin-Off)
Hothouse Flower (Spin-Off)
Thrive (Addicted #2.5)
Addicted After All (Addicted #3)

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I've already gushed about my love for the Addicted series by Krista and Becca Ritchie, so it shouldn't be too surprising that I loved Kiss the Sky, too! Kiss the Sky isn't directly part of the series though, it's actually a spin-off, and it focuses on Lily's sister, Rose, and her boyfriend, Connor just have to use his full name sometimes, it just sounds too good to not say fully! :P Plus, Connor totally demands that respect. ;D

While Kiss the Sky does take place chronologically after Addicted for Now, Rose and Connor create a very different narrative than Lily and Lo do...but that's not a bad thing at all, just different. I love Lily and Lo, but I did really enjoy getting to know Rose and Connor better. It was also interesting to see things from a perspective outside of Lily and Lo. It kind of helped show how addiction can affect those who aren't addicted themselves, and that while we may have thought we knew Rose and Connor through Lily and Lo's narrative...there are definitely things we had no clue about...I really wasn't expecting some of them, but I must admit that it was pretty interesting and exciting to read about. People definitely aren't always what you expect them to be. ;)

As far as the plot and story goes, I loved it! The reality show was fantastic, and I loved that I was so absorbed in the story that I genuinely got annoyed about the way the show was being run just like Rose and Connor did. :P The character development was awesome, especially seeing Rose and Connor's relationship was definitely intense! I also love that the narrative stands out so much compared to the Addicted series. It genuinely feels like each character is fully defined and is there own person. You would never confuse one character's narrative with another's, and I think that requires a lot of skill as an author. Becca and Krista Ritchie do an amazing job with their characters whether they're the main ones or secondary, they all feel fully rounded...even the butthead, Scott. :P

Overall, I absolutely LOVED Kiss the Sky! While it was quite a bit different from Lily and Lo's narratives in the Addicted series, it still maintained the same funny, and dynamic feel as the previous books, which made it the perfect spin-off! I'd recommend Kiss the Sky to both Addicted series lovers and newbies to the series! It works as a standalone, but I think you would enjoy it a bit more having read the previous books because then you'll love Lily and Lo already, too. ;) This is the perfect book for people who like smart characters (who know they're ridiculously smart and totally flaunt it :P), and enjoy relationships where you can feel the sexual tension as the characters have intense, intellectual debates. ;D

What do you think?
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  1. This one sounds pretty interesting. I like smart characters for sure! I also really appreciate it when different characters narratives sound different. I'm often not a fan of dual POV because I forget who is speaking!

    1. I definitely loved this one, and I think you would like the characters. :) You might not like that it's pretty much just based around romance though because I know you love your action! ;D YES! You definitely wouldn't have that happen hear...seriously, they do dual POVs perfectly! :D


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