Friday, 28 February 2014

Fangirl Fridays(1): VERONICA MARS!!!!

"Fangirl Fridays" is pretty self-explanatory: you fangirl about something/someone on Fridays. :) It's a meme-of-sorts that's seen on a lot of tumblr blogs, and I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring to my blog! I couldn't find someone specific to credit, so whoever first thought of "Fangirl Fridays" are awesome! :D I love to fangirl so I'm definitely excited for this!

And for my first "Fangirl Friday", I'm going to focus on VERONICA MARS! :D

I was a HUGE fan of the TV show, but unfortunately, I had basic cable and so once it changed channels after its first season, I didn't have access to it anymore! That means I didn't get to finish it until I asked for all three seasons for Christmas one year when I was in high school...and then I proceeded to watch the show nonstop over my Christmas break. My best friend and I even had a Veronica Mars marathon! 

Since I loved it so much, it shouldn't be too surprising that I was upset that it got cancelled, and when given the chance to be a part of the Veronica Mars Kickstarter...I jumped at the chance, and I absolutely CANNOT wait to watch the movie! I already have my ticket for the opening weekend, and am planning to see it multiple, I'll be getting a digital copy and hard copy thanks to the Kickstarter, too! :D 

Have you seen the EPIC (I had to!) movie poster yet?

There's also a really neat website called Veronica Mars - Race to the Box Office, which has a bunch of Veronica Mars extras that get unlocked the more its shared and the closer we get to the release date.

These awesome images are from the website (Source)! You can click on them and open them in a new page or tab to make them bigger, too. :)

I also made sure to get a copy of Entertainment Weekly last week because Kristen Bell and Jason Dohring were on the cover! Don't you just LoVe it? ;D

All of the info about Veronica Mars in the magazine was super interesting, too! I'm really glad that I made sure to get a copy! Entertainment Weekly also has some awesome Veronica Mars pictures on their website right now, and you can find them HERE! :D

I'm just ridiculously excited for this movie!! I'm also excited for the books they're making, which I'll be talking about on Monday because I have a cover to show off! :P And, there's even talk of continuing Veronica Mars somehow...and I am SO on-board with that, no matter how it happens! :D 

What about you?
Are you a Marshmallow?


  1. Can it be March 14th yet?! The EW pictures about sent me over the edge with glee.

    1. I wish!!! March 14th CANNOT come fast enough! Me too! I was grinning like a goof while looking at them, especially when I looked at the ones of Kristen and Jason...they're too freaking cute!!! :D

  2. I just started watching this show. I loved the 1st season, but not loving the 2nd season so far. Hopefully things will pick up.

    1. It definitely does! ;) Hopefully, you'll love it further into the season!

  3. Woohoo!! I'm PUMPED and I've secured my tickets for opening night. I've been really enjoying all of the sneak peeks and promo material they've released so far. Not too long of a wait now!

    1. I'M SO PUMPED, TOO!!! YAY!!!! :D Same here! Only a WEEK now!!! Correction...six days!! :D


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