Sunday, 23 February 2014

Random Sundays: Resting it up at home and starting the week off right! ;D

As I mentioned on Thursday last week, I'm trying out some new stuff on my blog! :D Today is the start of all of that. I'm going to be posting random stuff on Sundays. It'll most likely be a weekly recap with some puppy pictures, and will probably have something in it that I hope will cheer everybody up, be it a joke, a funny meme or video, or just some awesome news! :D

So, I've had an awesome, and seriously restful week! It's been fantastic! All this last week, I've had my Reading Week, which is a week-long break from's pretty much the equivalent of Spring Break, but doesn't take place in the Spring. I used it to catch-up on the sleep I'd been missing over the past couple of weeks since I had several essays, assignments and midterms all in the two weeks before Reading Week. I also spent time with my family, both my parents and brother, and our furry family members. :P 

Koodo's a bit crazy'll notice my face not looking too impressed as Koodo squirms on my shoulder. He was taking turns trying to eat his foot...and my head. :P 

Oh, Marvel. I swear he doesn't sleep ALL the time, but I'm pretty sure I am his favourite place to nap when I'm home. :P He's a super snuggler, and he's pretty adorable if I do say so myself. :P

And here the brothers are together. :)

I hope that even if you weren't fortunate enough to get some time to relax last week, that you have an awesome week coming up, and to start you off right, I've got a video for you! Heads up, this video may not be appropriate for all ages. It's from Funny or Die, and it's called "The Landlord"...some of you may have seen it already. I pretty much always watch this video whenever I'm in need of a laugh because it always...and I mean ALWAYS cracks me up!

Here it is: 

The Landlord from Will Ferrell     

And if the embedded video isn't working, or if you prefer to open a new window, you can find it, here: THE LANDLORD

haha I really do love that video! :D I hope you did, too...or that you enjoyed getting to see my puppies. :)

Have an awesome week everyone!! :D 

All the best!

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