Sunday, February 2, 2014

Monthly Recap: So...what happened in January? #recap

I've decided that I'm going to start doing recap posts every month. I'll probably mix the format up lots, but I'm gonna keep it simple and stick to the stuff that I found exciting, what I read, and what I've been kind of obsessed with over the this is what I've done in January! :D

What I did this month:

- I spent my Christmas holidays at my parents' house and I got lots of family and puppy time! :)

- I got together with some of the lovely Edmonton Book Bloggers for our Christmas meetup, and was spoiled by my secret santa, Mandy (from Forever Young Adult)! :D

- I became completely obsessed with DOCTOR WHO!!! And since I'm totally smitten with David Tennant now, I'm giving myself a small break so that I can deal with the Doctor's regeneration. I'm finished Season 4 of the newer series of the show, and have paused until I'm ready to move on.

And check out my awesome pink Tardis phone case that I just got:

- I started my very last semester for my Bachelor of Arts degree!!! Exciting...but also a bit nerve-wracking. I'm in the last stretch guys, and then real life begins!!!

- My awesome friend, Zoë (from In the Next Room and Writing Whimsy) and I are planning out a year-long read-a-long with a ginormous list of books that we'd both like to read this year, and that we'll discuss once we finish. We also might turn it into a blog thing, so we'll see about that. :)

We just finished our first book, too!

What I read this month:

Addicted for Now (Addicted #2) by Krista and Becca Ritche
Master Zacharius by Jules Verne
Solaris by Stanislaw Lem
Kiss the Sky by Krista and Becca Ritchie
Salvage by Alexandra Duncan

I ended up reading 9 books total this month, plus a few excerpts of books for some of my classes, and textbooks of course. :P All in all, I was pretty happy with reading nine because I totally was in a slump for a bit, but I think I'm finally out of it!!! :D

I also read some amazing books this month! Addicted for Now, Forever Loved, Kiss the Sky, and Salvage were all amazing!!! :D

What I watched this month:

- DOCTOR WHO -- As mentioned, I became obsessed!!!

- I, FRANKENSTEIN --- It was kind of strange at times, but I did enjoy it. I liked how they were adjusting the story of Frankenstein. I'm also doing the book in two of my classes, so I found this movie even more interesting because of that.

- THE BUTLER -- I watched this one with my mom, and while it wasn't really a movie I expected to love, I did really enjoy it. It was incredibly interesting, and was a beautiful film.

- SHERLOCK!!!!!!! -- I resisted watching Sherlock until it was on PBS, so now  I'm devouring it every week!!! :D I seriously missed this show so much! :D

- DOWNTON ABBEY -- I've already watched season 4, and discussed it with my Downton Abbey bestie, Eilidh from Recovering Potter Addict, but I'm rewatching the season now, and I'm loving it all over again! :D

- My shows are all coming back on from their midseason breaks!!! NASHVILLE, and GRIMM in particular are ones that I've been eagerly awaiting!!! I also can't wait for ONCE UPON A TIME to come back on!!! :D

I had some fun with Grimm/David Giuntoli gifs in my Forever Loved posts this month, and my EBB pal, Mandy, really enjoyed them, so here's a gif of David Giuntoli just for you, Mandy! ;D

What else did I do:

- I painted my nails a bunch...and am super hooked on Julep's nail polish right now! ;D

- I also drank lots and lots of tea from David's Tea. :P

Here's my collection of tea right now!! :)

I'm thinking of posting on my blog about tea a bit (and maybe nails too even :D), but I haven't decided how yet. Keep an eye peeled for some blog changes some time soon! :D

Okay, so that's a bit of what I did in January! I had a pretty great went WAYYYY too fast though! haha I hope January was great for you, too!

Cheers! It's been a bit chilly here lately, and I know it's been cold lots of other places, too, so I hope you've got a warm cup of tea waiting for you, as well!

Here's to an awesome, February! :)

What did you do in January?
Did you read any great books,
become obsessed with any shows,
or just do something seriously awesome? :)


  1. SO funny to see you do this because I was literally on your blog so I could copy and paste the URL to include in my monthly recap post! It'll go up in a few more minutes :D Anyway I'm going to read this post and then comment again haha

  2. Love this post! so funny cause in my post I as like, you could also do this for movies :P and you did! Loved your recap and great photos going along with it. I am so excited for our readalong and we should definitely discuss Salvage tonight if you're around at the same time as me. The nail photos are so much fun, I think tea and nails and books all go well together, I'm happy to be including a bit of books on my blog now and it already has nails and teas. I'm not sure if I'd move my full reviews over there or not, I think I needed a blog change and I'm glad I did that but In The Next Room feels a bit lonely sometimes! Awesome job reading 9 books too, that's over double me haha hopefully I can get a number like that for February, I feel optimistic. Also your tea collection is awesome :D

    1. Thanks, Zo! :D Ya, I thought I'd kinda put a bit of everything...I totally forgot to put what I'm reading next tho. Oh well. :P That sounds good. I have to finish an essay so we'll see how I'm doing haha. Thanks! :D Yay, I'm glad you think so. I think they do, too. Ya, I think every once in a while, we all need a bit of change. :) Thanks! You did good too! You were definitely busy this month! Yay! I think we can read lots in February! :D Thanks!! It's definitely growing!

  3. I love your pink TARDIS! WANT!!! :) I love that you got addicted to a bunch of British shows. I had started watching Downton Abbey but stopped for some reason ... I think I should get the DVDs to watch to see what the fuss is about!

    Holy tea! I want your tea stash! I just got hooked on David's Tea when Jenni and I went there one day ... I'm glad there's not one too close to me or I'd buy way more than I need! I do hope to get back there one of these days.

    Love the nail colours! I miss painting my nails right now ... once my little man gets on a more reliable feeding schedule, I'll know when I have the time to wait for nails to dry! Ha ha ...

    Here's hoping you have a great February! :)

    1. I know, it's fantastic!!! ;D haha I couldn't resist it when I found it on Etsy! :D haha I already loved Downton Abbey and Sherlock, but I've been watching the new episodes of Sherlock and rewatching DA...but Doctor Who....ahhhh! I love it! :D You so should! It's awesome! It breaks your heart at times, but it's so good. :D

      haha I've gotten a lot recently! I'm definitely hooked! haha I've been buying it online! It's so hard to resist! You should. They have awesome teas. You can always try buying it like my friend, Zo, does. She gets only about 25 g of each so that she can try them out. :)

      Thanks! :D I've been having a blast painting my nails so often. :D I've been squeezing it in while watching tv. haha

      Thanks, Kristilyn, and I hope you have a great one, too! :D

  4. Ha, yes -- GIUNTOLI! Loving the nail colours, too. And so super impressive that you can fit in so many books on top of reading for school!

    1. haha I knew you'd like that! ;D haha Thanks! I had fun with them! Awe, I try! Sometimes I can squeeze more in that other times...unfortunately, it means I'm procrastinating at other times! :P

  5. Heh, Downton Abbey bestie! I like that :D Speaking of which, I am quite proud of the fact that I have gotten quite a few of my family members into watching Downton Abbey, as well!! I bought my mum the complete boxset for Christmas and we quickly devoured it, and so it was passed on to my aunt who quickly devoured it, and then passed on to my other aunt, etc, etc. It is now a family obsession!! Heh, love it. STILL need to get into Doctor Who though!

    I hope your last semester is going well for you so far, Ambur!

    1. haha you totally are! :D Well done! I'm always proud when I hook people on awesome TV shows, too! I totally hooked my mom, too. ;) You're passing on the DA's wonderful! I'm pretty proud of you too actually! :D YES YOU DO!!!!!! When you do, I am so ready to talk about it! :D

      It is! It's going fast though...I'm having growing up anxiety I swear! :P And thank you! :D


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