Monday, January 7, 2013

J. Taylor Publishing Blogger/Reviewer Appreciation Month! :D

J. Taylor Publishing
You all might have noticed that I review quite a few of J. Taylor Publishing's books, and that's because I'm a member of their blogger program. :D

This month, J. Taylor is showing their appreciation to their current bloggers and reviewers, and they're also trying to attract more!

I personally love being a member of their program. They send you the books as soon as review copies are available and you don't have to request anything. Also, you have the option to receive updates about new book covers, and you can sign up to be a part of their blog's a pretty sweet deal, especially since I'm totally smitten with most of their series. ;)

Is your interest piqued? (I hope so :P) Well, even if it isn't, there are a lot of perks.
Here they are: 
  • Free ebooks with immediate access to the novels and novellas (at the pre-release stage) — No asking to be considered on a book by book basis!
  • Reduced cost print books (when/where available)
  • Free (or reduced cost) marketing materials about our books (media kits, cover images, bookmarks) where available
  • Priority for future back-of-the-book quotes with your name on them (for printed novels)
  • Priority for blog tours and interviews with our authors
  • Promotion of your website on our blog (link back)
  • Potential inclusion of your review in our authorʼs media kits, marketing tools, etc
  • Priority reviews of any query submitted to us for publication consideration
  • Personal feedback on the above submissions
  • There are absolutely no costs to this program and never will be. get to make friends with some pretty awesome authors. ;)

Do you need more incentive??? Well, this month they're also running a giveaway for their Blogger/Reviewer Appreciation month! If that isn't an awesome incentive I don't know what is. :P

If you're interested in becoming a member of their blogger/reviewer team, just want more information, or are already a member and want to enter their giveaway, you can find all of the details HERE.

If you do decide to become a member of J. Taylor's team, tell them Ambur from Burning Impossibly Bright sent you. :D

So, are you interested??
Do you need any further convincing?...because I can totally provide it. ;)


  1. This sounds pretty cool Ambur. I'll head over to check it out!


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