Sunday, 20 January 2013

Georgetown Academy Guest Post and Giveaway!

In honour of Barack Obama's Presidential Inauguration tomorrow, I've got a guest post for you from the authors of the Georgetown Academy, and as I mentioned previously...I've also got a giveaway for you! And if you've been following the series already...Book 3 has just been released so I have some links for you for that one, too! :D

And without further is the guest post by the lovely ladies who've brought us the Georgetown Academy series! :D

Guest Post By Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz, authors of Georgetown Academy

Michelle Obama wears a J.Crew sweater and it sells out the next day. Her daughter, Malia, is on her way to becoming a style maven in her own right, especially with the plethora of top designers fighting over dressing her for the Inauguration. Being part of a high-profile political family means facing the fashion spotlight, for better or for worse. Today we thought we’d spin that spotlight over to someone that we consider to be one of the most chic political children out there today…Lauren Bush Lauren.

Don't get us wrong. Lauren Bush Lauren was cool when she was just Lauren Bush, granddaughter of George HW Bush and niece of "W". Whether she was turning burlap sacks into the ultimate fashion accessory (all for the good of feeding the hungry) or gracing the cover of Vogue with her trademark buttery locks, she rocked it. But then she had to go and marry Ralph Lauren's son and now she's just in a different stratosphere.

Once you get past the fact that her name is now essentially Lauren Lauren, you can't help but realize she's ratcheted up the style quotient even more. And don't get us started on those wedding pic at the Ralph Lauren ranch out in Wyoming? (Side note: have you noticed a trend of Bush grandchildren getting married at ranches, because we have!) Stunning. Pure rustic gloss.

We can't figure out if we're obsessed with her or insanely jealous, but in any case, if she’d gone to Georgetown Academy we have no doubt she would’ve been crowned Best Dressed.

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So, what did you think of Alyssa and Jessica's guest post?
Any thoughts about the series? Feel free to share! :D


  1. I didn't know that she was married to a Lauren, that's very interesting. I am interested in this series because I find the whole political town aspect very interesting.

  2. Haven't read this series yet, but it looks interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!


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