Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hair Massacure 2013!

Image Copyright of Hair Massacure
I've decided to participate in an event called Hair Massacure! It's a great cause, and the money raised goes toward helping children with life-threatening illness. I've also decided to chop off at least 12 inches of my hair and donate it so that it go towards becoming a free wig for a child who has lost their hair.

 To give you an idea...this is how long my hair is now. I'll probably end up cutting it to a length that's about at the middle of my neck, so I think it'll end up being about 15 inches or so. I'm not positive how they bunch it together to cut it so I can't quite be sure, but I'm hoping it'll be enough hair to help make a great wig. ;)

According to their website, here are the top 10 things you need to know about Hair Massacure:

"Hair Massacure:
10. …began as a family-run event, inspired by a four year-old leukemia patient.
9. …is a unique head-shaving event that encourages participants to honour the journey of sick children.
8. …welcomed over 2000 participants in 12 hours last year.
7. …is generously supported by 400 volunteers annually.
6. …collects 60 lbs of hair each year, to be made into wigs for local children.
5. …has hosted Edmonton professional sports teams including the Oilers, Eskimos, Rush, and FC Edmonton.
4. …has used over 10,000 bottles of pink to Paint the City over the past nine years.
3. …has a participant base predominantly made up of youth and families, making Hair Massacure a unique
2. …has raised over $6 million since 2003.
And the number one fact you need to know about Hair Massacure is that we:
1. …support three outstanding local charities that help children and families with life-threatening illnesses." - Hair Massacure
As previously mentioned, I'm also raising money for the cause. If you want to help support Hair Massacure, here's my participant page: Ambur Hostyn's Participant Page.

Don't feel obliged to donate or anything, but if you think it's a great cause, too, then I would really appreciate it if you did! Also, if you could share my page with anyone who you know that would want to support it, that would be fantastic!

Thanks for reading everyone!

I haven't fundraised since High School, so I have to say this is my first time fundraising where I chose to actively participate myself, so I really appreciate the fact that some of you took the time to read this. :)

Have you fundraised or participated in any great causes lately?
What do you think of Hair Massacure? 

And finally, if you've donated, I really appreciate it, and I just want to say thank you so much! It's going to an amazing cause!


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