Monday, April 14, 2014

Mani Monday (6): Purple & Crackled!

It's Monday again, so it's time for another Mani Monday! I'm just getting over a cold, so I haven't been blogging as much lately as I was before, but I have a pretty awesome mani to share, so I had to make sure to post today! :D
Today's "Mani Monday" features some crackled polish! :) The polishes I used for today's mani are Julep's "Ursula", "Morgan" and "Alice"!
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Here are the polishes I used! "Ursula" is the black crackle polish, and I used two different purples, "Alice" and "Morgan" as the base colours! You can get a peek of  how the mani turned out in the last picture of my collage. :)

And here's a nice closeup of my purple, crackled mani! :)

I really loved how this manicure turned out, and I've already been planning new colour combinations with the black crackle polish, too! :D 

What do you think?
Are you a fan of crackled polish?


  1. i only own one crackle polish and i haven't used it in years... perhaps i should pull it out again soon. purple with anything is a definite win in my books :)

    1. I haven't used crackle polishes very often, but I think I'm getting better with them now, so I'm starting to love them! :D haha agreed! Purple is pretty! :D

  2. Wow, looks fantastic!! I'm surprised that it turned out so well actually, because I came across one of these kinds of nail polishes in a store once and tried out the tester... and it did not crackle and look like that.

    1. Thanks! :D The first time I tried crackle nail polish, it didn't work at all either. I've learned that you have to do a lighter coat, you have to put it on quickly, and you can't go over it once you've applied it. If you do, you just fill in the whole nail. It needs to be a lighter layer so that it can dry quickly and then it spreads apart and creates that crackle. :) I'll have to retry my other crackle polishes to see if I can use them better now that I'm better at it, but Julep's are nice because they're pretty lightweight and aren't clumpy, so a thinner layer is easier. They also have all their crackles super cheap right now, only $3.99 instead of the regular $14 I might just have to get the other colours they had. :P I might just have to surprise you with a bottle sometime now and you can try out Julep's. ;)


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