Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tea Tuesdays! (6): Making Your Own Tea Holder! :)

I'm totally obsessed with tea, so every Tuesday, I'm sharing one of my favourites...and maybe sometimes something just totally awesome and tea-related.
Recently my biggest tea obsession has been loose tea! If you're new to loose tea, check out my first Tea Tuesday post and see how easy it is to brew! You can also click my "Tea Tuesdays!" button above to see my previous tea posts! :D

Today my "Tea Tuesdays!" post is going to be a little different! :D

Instead of sharing one of my favourite teas this week, I'm going to share an awesome "how-to" from DAVIDsTEA about making your own tea holder!

I did this a little bit ago, and it was so easy! It also looks really adorable!!

Here's DAVIDsTEA's step-by-step guide on Snapguide on "How to Build a Holder for Your Tea Collection!

It's super duper easy! All you need is a bag with handles, scissors and some tape! The bag can be a DAVIDsTEA one, or it can be from anywhere else, too. If you want to make one, just click the link I shared above, and it'll show you how to do it! :)

And this is how my tea holder turned out:

It's perfect for my loose tea bags, and when I still had room (it's gotten a bit fuller since I took this picture :P), I kept my tea canteen in there, too! ;D haha

What do you think?
Will you be making yourself a tea holder soon?

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