Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tea Tuesdays! (7): Today's Tea is...a combination of Cold 911 & Redberry Tonic!

I'm totally obsessed with tea, so every Tuesday, I'm sharing one of my favourites...and maybe sometimes something just totally awesome and tea-related.

Recently my biggest tea obsession has been loose tea! If you're new to loose tea, check out my first Tea Tuesday post and see how easy it is to brew! You can also click my "Tea Tuesdays!" button above to see my previous tea posts! :D

So, instead of having one tea as my tea of the day today, I've got a combination of two! Pretty much all of last week, I was a coughing, sneezing, sniffly mess, so I combined two of DAVIDsTEA's teas, and they really helped me feel better! :D 

Today's tea is then a combination of them both! It's a combination of DAVIDsTEA's COLD 911 and REDBERRY TONIC (which was also the first tea I shared :P).

Here's what both teas look like! :D

And here's what DAVIDsTEA has to say about them both: 

COLD 911

Bad colds require great interventions. Take this tea, for example. It’s a deliciously soothing mix of peppermint, juniper berries and orange peel. Pretty great, right? If that’s not extreme enough for you, you could try eating raw garlic, or gargling salt water, or inhaling lots of steam. Yeah...we didn’t think so. Probably better just to stick to the tea. With its soothing citrus and mint aroma we can’t guarantee miracle results, but at least we can guarantee it tastes great. (MK Kosher)

Organic: Peppermint, juniper berries, orange peel. With natural eucalyptus and orange flavouring


Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and get a taste of our revitalizing, tantalizing, exhilarating, invigorating tonic. Put some zip in your sip with tart and tangy hibiscus, rosehips, lemongrass and immortality-boosting goji berries. But that’s not all! We’ve harnessed the power of the legendary sea buckthorn wonder-berry, prized for centuries in Chinese, Indian and Tibetan medicine. You’ve got to see it to believe it folks, so get your hands on a cup today.

Apple, rosehip, hibiscus, lemongrass, sea buckthorn, goji berries, natural sea buckthorn flavouring

When I make this combination, I put about half of the amount it says to add of each into my perfect tea mug, and then I steep according to the instructions. The instructions for both of these ones were pretty much the same, so it made it nice and easy to combine them. :)

Here's what the tea looks like once it's steeped:

Cold 911 is pretty strong, and tastes slightly medicinal, so I found that the Redberry Tonic toned that down a little bit and the two actually complimented each other pretty well. I wasn't a huge fan of the combination at first, but I have to admit that I actually really love it now! haha 

Have you ever tried combining teas before?


  1. hahaha i love you ambur "I wasn't a big fan at first..." :P I don't have either of these teas, but i have noticed davidstea is selling mixes of a couple teas like this as well and it is a fun idea! i hope you feel better :)

    1. haha I love you, too. :P I'm not a huge fan of the taste of Cold 911 by itself, but it definitely...it was the flavour in the combo I wasn't a big fan of at first. It really did grow on me though! Now, I think I might actually like it! haha Yes, that email about the mixed teas actually gave me the idea to try mixing these two, and I was glad I did! :) I'm still a bit more tired than usual, but I'm feeling much better! Thank you. :)


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