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Blog Tour Review: Untellable by Suzanne Lilly

Source: Received an ebook to participate in the blog tour and give an honest review. 
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Summary from Goodreads:
Aspen Dwyer, recently emancipated from foster care, is searching for a place to hide from a past with secrets too dark to share. Honey Creek, Ohio, presents itself as the best place to start a new life and stay undercover. There she meets Colton Moraine, a man with strong family ties and an even stronger sense of loyalty. His boisterous, loving family welcomes Aspen with warmth she hasn’t felt in years. She’s surprised at how quickly and deeply she falls for Colton. When a dangerous criminal comes to Honey Creek, intent on his revenge against her, Aspen must choose between two options. Should she stay and risk her life and the rejection of the people she’s grown to love? Or should she run again, and leave behind any chance of a happy future?

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About the Author

Suzanne Lilly writes lighthearted young adult stories with a splash of suspense, a flash of the unexplained, a dash of romance, and always a happy ending. Her debut novel was Shades of the Future in 2012 followed by Untellable in 2013. Her newest novel, A Thousand Little Secrets will be available in August, 2013.Her short stories have appeared in numerous places online and in print, and she has placed and received honorable mentions in writing contests. She lives in Northern California where she reads, writes, cooks, swims, and teaches elementary students.
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When I first saw the cover of Untellable, I almost thought it was about mermaids or something and I was intrigued...after reading the description I realized it was a contemporary story and not about mermaids at all, but I was still extremely curious. I wanted to know about Aspen's past and what secret she was hiding, and know that I've read the book and I know it all, I'm so glad that I read it!

I absolutely loved Untellable! It was fast-paced, and I was quickly swept up in Aspen's and Colton's worlds. I loved that it was told in dual POVs. It focused more on Aspen, but I definitely appreciated getting to see Colton's POV, too. It added an interesting perspective that allowed me to get to know Aspen even, I thought it was pretty cute to see how they both got nervous around each other. :P The romance did happen pretty quickly in this one, but I didn't actually mind that. I was quickly just as smitten with their relationship as Aspen and Colton were with each other. I also loved seeing Aspen find even more people who cared about her, and I definitely loved seeing her with her Grandma Millie. Their relationship really reminded me of both of my Grandmas, and it reminded me of fond memories with them.

While Untellable wasn't very long, I did feel like I got the chance to get to know both Aspen and Colton. I would have liked to have gotten to see a little bit more of them, as some of the events between them were mentioned, and not really shown, but I still really enjoyed the story. I loved the banter between them, and felt that their relationship was so realistic---right down to Aspen pretending to not be excited about Colton asking her to go on a picnic with was so authentic and I just thought that the small, real touches like that made the story even better. Also, some of the things Colton said, and Aspen's inner monologue totally made me swoon...and Aspen actually had "Swoon" in her monologue at one point, and I was totally with her on that one.

I actually did have a favourite quote from this one, so I'm going to share it with you. I'll introduce it a bit: Aspen and Colton are on the picnic I mentioned before and he's showing her his tree house. He has a bunch of knots all over the place, and they're talking about them. So, here it is
"Actually I was a Boy Scout, and after I earned my first square knot award, I was interested and wanted to keep learning more. Some of the fisherman visiting the lodge taught me more knots. So if you need anything knotted, anything at all, I'm your man." He smiled.

The warm feeling he gave me tied my heart in knots, no rope required.
That last bit was my favourite...I was  totally tied in knots, too. *sigh* Anyway, I loved this one! It was a fantastic summer read---it's not just a fluffy romance, but it also had enough romance to keep me swooning and grinning like a fool. I'd recommend Untellable to anyone who loves a fast-paced romance with a character who has a mysterious past.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Untellable on your blog today, Ambur, and for the kind review! I want to let your readers know that since UNTELLABLE is all about secrets, I have some secret swag to give away! When you buy a copy of UNTELLABLE, just email me a copy of your confirmation or other evidence, (with personal shopping info deleted), and the address where you'd like me to mail your secret swag. My email addy is lillysuzanne at gmail dot com. When the tour is over, I'll send everyone their secret gifts!

    1. You're welcome, Suzanne! :D And thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing the news about your secret swag. :D


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