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The Light of Asteria Blog Tour: Review

The Light of Asteria (Kailmeyra #1) by Elizabeth Isaacs
Source: Received a digital copy to participate in the blog tour, and for an honest review.
Publisher: iUniverse
Release Date: Already Released.
Number of Pages: 380 (Paperback)

Blurb from Goodreads:
If Nora Johnson hadn't been on campus that day she would have never known her true destiny. Helping her friends move into the dorm that she wanted to call home, Nora accidentally collides with mysterious stranger, Gavin Frey. His very first touch sends flames through her heart. The world seems different-something within her has changed. She tries to resume her mundane life, but she is now consumed with the one whose very presence ignited her soul, the one with eyes of emerald. Nora soon learns that an energy buried deep within has been unleashed. She now wields unimaginable power and has become Gavin's source, his strength. Her newfound joy is shaken when she discovers that Gavin is not who he appears to be and she has been thrust in the middle of a war of mythical proportions. Negativity allows all things evil to flourish, the earth is under siege. The fate of creation hinges on the power within her heart. Will she be strong enough to survive? A gripping tale of unbounded love and ancient power, The Light of Asteria will take you on an epic adventure filled with war, treachery, and demons, as well as unimaginable delights.

The Light of Asteria  is an incredibly inventive story. The mythology and folklore surrounding it are easy to get lost in. Elizabeth Isaacs has created a wondrous world where magic exists. One where pureness of heart and good intentions have all the power, and where bad intentions can lead to unimaginable darkness and evil.

The characters of The Light of Asteria were fabulous! I really liked Nora. She was a great heroine, incredibly determined, and she was smart. I also really liked Gavin, although sometimes he was a bit too closed off...and he had some moments where he was a pretty big jerk. Overall though,. I did like him. I also loved his friends, especially Rena , she was so fun! :D I loved her! I also loved Edna, Nora's mother-figure. She was amazing, and her relationship with Nora was one of my favourite parts of the book. :)

I interviewed Elizabeth a couple of weeks ago, and she spoke of the eye colours of the characters being symbolic, which I find incredibly fascinating. The eye colours really stood out to me while reading, so I wasn't surprised to find out that they held deeper meaning. For example, Nora's eye colour, topaz, Elizabeth says "biblically represents represents beauty, worthiness, and honour." I find it so fascinating to know that their eye colours have such symbolic meaning, and that Elizabeth paid that close attention to kind of blows your mind to think about it.

Along with the fabulous characters, I loved the folklore and mythology. The Alfar and Dokkalfar were incredibly fascinating, and the contrast between the two was striking, especially once you learn the history of their races. I won't tell you too much about them because I liked learning about them as Nora did, it was a great way to get to figure everything out, and with Nora's instincts leading the way it was even more incredible.

Overall, The Light of Asteria is a fabulous story. I loved the mysterious aspect of Gavin and his friends, and I loved getting to learn everything through Nora, I found her to be a great narrator. Finally, I loved the folklore and mythology....I'm always a fan of world's different than our own, especially when there's overlap between theirs and the one we're used to. I'd definitely recommend The Light of Asteria. It's hard to tell you why you'd like it because I don't want to spoil anything, but I think that if you're a fan of magic, different supernatural creatures, alternate worlds, and some good ol' romance, you'll love this one. :)

So, does The Light of Asteria sound like something you'd like to read?

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