Friday, 13 January 2012

My blog's gotten a revamp, come check it out...

Well, I should be sleeping by now, but I had the urge to totally revamp my blog I did, and I figured I'd let you all know about it, just in case you wanted to come check it out in person. :)

Here's my new fancy button:


Feel free to leave a link to your own blog in the comments if you've taken my button for your blog. I'd love to return the favour. :)

And here's a screencapture of what my blog looked like right before this post (for all of you reading this in your feed---if you're actually at my blog right now, you can already see it :P):

As you can see, I've kept the orange...oh how I love the orange! It's a bit crazier least I think it is, and I hope it doesn't take a ridiculous amount of time to load on your computers, if it does let me know. I'm still fixing stuff with it, so I can probably make it load faster. I'd also love any other comments that you guys have.

 Oooh....and I also made new icons for my profiles, like Twitter, Facebook, and the like. :)

Love it? Hate it? Meh? Didn't notice a change???
One thing I'm thrilled about is that this background is all mine. I loved my old background, but it seriously made me sad every time I went on another blog and found it there, I won't. :)

Ok...I'm going to bed now! Night everyone...and as always...Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. I very much love it! I love bright colors and it definitely fits with your blog title.

    I have your old button, but when I go back in and add all the new blogs I followed, I'll add your new button. :)

    The Musings of ALMYBNENR

  2. Thanks, Amber :D

    I just added your button, and thanks for adding mine! :D

  3. LOVE the new look. The background is joyous & welcoming.


  4. Awesome, Ambur.

    Not sure if you participate in blog awards but ... :o)


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