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The Keeper Blog Tour: Guest Post and Giveaway! - Closed.

Topic: How did you come up with the idea for The Keeper?

How did I come up with the idea for The Keeper? I apologize in advance, but this is going to sound cliché. I had a dream. Yes, a dream.

It was unusual in the sense that it was vivid and kind of creepy. Yeah, I’ve had creepy vivid dreams before, but this one was over the top. In my dream I was a young girl, about elementary school age. I was sitting on the ground and a Native American man on a horse went by me slowly. I looked up and the man stared down at me with dark eyes. His eyes looked like they were moving and something shot out of them in my direction.

That was it. I woke up.

It might not sound like much, but when I woke up my heart was pounding in my chest. I was terrified and I have no idea why. This dream haunted me for several days. I couldn’t get it out of my head.
One day sitting at my computer I decided to write the dream out. I opened a blank document and typed a paragraph. I stared at the words and read them back. I had the notion to keep going and to build on the dream. It was no longer me in the story, but a girl named Billie. Two questions rolled around in my head; Why was Billie there? And who else might have seen what happened? Before I knew it I had two pages typed up. This became the epilogue for my novel.

And if you’re wondering…the dream no longer haunted me.

The rest of the story I wrote by continuously asking myself questions. Chapter one starts out on Billie’s sixteen birthday. Naturally there had to be a gift. What kind of gift? Why? And what would happen as a result of receiving the gift?

I continued to write using this method for ten chapters. At that point I knew how it would end, but I needed to draft a simple outline to help get me there. That is how my debut novel The Keeper came to be.


The eBook version of The Keeper by Natalie Star will be available for purchase through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Decadent Publishing on January 6, 2012.



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  1. thanks you for the international option
    all the best

  2. I am looking forward to reading this book, i have about ten people already about to buy it. :)

  3. This is my girl... can't wait for The Keeper to go all official! :-)

  4. Thank you for the great giveaway! It sounds very interesting!

  5. Special thanks to Ambur for being a host for my blog tour! <3

    And to everyone else for stopping by and checking it out!

    The Keeper is now available at Decadent Publishing and Amazon.com! :)


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