Friday 2 December 2011

Into the Unknown Character Interview and Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! I have an awesome interview to share with you all today! 
The three awesome, and might I add, sexy, male leads from the Into the Unknown Anthology and their own respective series are here to talk with us. 
I have Sean from Darkness and Light (A Holloway Pack Story #1),  
Wyatt from Little White Lies (Mimics of Rune #1), 
and Liam from The Glass Man (A Lila Gray Novel #1). 
I for one, am super excited to talk to them, and I hope you are, too! There answers are colour-coded so you can be sure to follow their awesome banter! ;)

Don’t forget to stick around for the giveaway at the end of this interview! ;D

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by my blog in time for the anthology with your stories to release! How about we start this interview off with a simple introduction? So, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Sean: Why does it feel like I should be flexing my muscles whilst some skinny female in a bikini waves in my direction and invites everyone to stare at the freaky showcase?

::Wyatt gives Sean a fist bump::

Talk about being put on the spot. ::scratches head:: Okay: Hey, Ambur, I’m Sean. My Dad’s pack Alpha. I’m 32, 6’3”, I work in the family business of property development, and it pisses me off that I didn’t get the bedroom overlooking the forest. A fact that Ethan—that’s my thick-skulled big brother—enjoys lording over me on a regular basis. Oh, and … ::smiles:: … I’m mated to Jem. ::nods to the human on his left:: Floor’s yours.

Wyatt: Uh … mated? Are you in the animal family? Nevermind. Don’t answer that. I should have learned a long time ago not to ask questions. My name’s Wyatt Moreland, and I’m a field agent with the FBI? There’s not a lot I can tell you about that but if you want to know my favorite color? It’s green. The green color Charley stole from my own eye color to make her own.

Liam: Hey, great to meet you, Ambur. ::nods to the other two:: Sean. Wyatt.

::Wyatt gives Liam a fist bump::

I guess I won’t mention the fae version of mating. Don’t want poor Wyatt here to think he’s appearing on National Geographic. And I’d tell you my favorite color, too, but Lila hates it when I get all sappy. ::clears throat. Yeah, I’m Liam Kane, new king of the Unseelie Fae. I live in a shape-shifter that houses the Unseelie Court in the Black City. Life has been a tough since I took over the Court, but don’t tell Lila that. Yeah, she’d have a fit if she knew. But hell, what’s a little civil uprising? Nothing I can’t handle. ::tugs collar::

Now that we know a bit about you, why don’t you all tell us a bit about your lovely ladies? And don’t worry, we won’t tell them what you say...unless it’s super romantic, then we’ll definitely talk you up big-time. ;)

Sean: There’s nothing I can say to you about Jem that she doesn’t already know. She knows I think she’s beautiful, just as she knows she has the most amazing scent I have ever smelled on another being. She’s also the reason I return to this earth time and again—because, without Jem here, there’d be no point. I intend to marry her one day. Again.

Wyatt: What’s with these women and taking forever on the marriage front. It’s been sixteen years for me! Now, Charley, I can talk about. She’s … man, what can I say? She’s mine. Is that enough? No? She wasn’t mine for sixteen years, but she’s mine again, and I’m going to make sure that doesn’t ever change … again. Why wasn’t she mine for so long? That would be a better question for her, but let’s say, she did what she thought was right. But we’re together now, so it’s all good. What about you, Liam? You married?

Liam: Married? Oh no, what we do is far deeper than marriage you humans practice. Fae bond soul-deep. Lila and I were bonded at one point … but … yeah, let’s just say unusual circumstances changed that against both of our wills. ::clenches fists:: Enough about that. You asked about Lila. Yeah. Mmm. Lila Gray, queen of the Seelie. ::wipes brow and smirks:: She’s like walking beside a white tiger. You’re both in awe of her spectacular beauty and terrified of her all at the same time. When she lets down her walls and lets me see inside once in a while, I always have to re-learn how to breathe. She’s stronger than she thinks she is, though I still hate it when she plays hero. ::chuckles:: I’ve been running a lot lately, too, because if I piss her off, my only chance is to run. Fast. Yeah, don’t tell her I said that, either.

Okay now that we know about you and your ladies, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Sean: Aside from hunting and making love to Jem? Um … eating … I guess. And basketball.

Wyatt: What else do almost-newlyweds do? Other than that, we’re trying to figure out life together. I’d spend all day just doing that if I could.

Liam: Must be nice. If either of our people found out we were sneaking around both of our lives would get infinitely worse because of what that idiotic war did to us so long ago. We see one another when we can, not nearly enough for me, so when I’m not in Court, I find other things to do. Since the Goddess granted me the gift of an animal form, I spend a lot of time flying. There’s something so peaceful and thought-cleansing about soaring high above the trees with the wind in my face. I’d take Lila more often if she’d stop flinching and yanking out my feathers. Damn, that stings. ::coughs to cover a laugh:: That woman’s not afraid to face down our worst enemy, but take her a few feet above the ground and suddenly she’s all screams and squeals of terror. Wait … you won’t tell her I said that, right? I’m not too keen on spending the rest of the day with broken ribs.

Wyatt: Liam? Sounds to me like you spend most of your day not telling Lila stuff. ::cringes::

Liam: No, I’m just kidding about that. Well, mostly. I love her more than I can possibly put into words. I mean, yeah, we both have our flaws and get on each others’ nerves now and then, but nothing is right with the world when we’re not together. Know what I mean?

Sean: ::shakes head:: Yup.

Christmas is coming up, so do you have any plans? Any gifts that you’re hoping to get, and more importantly, any gifts that you’re planning on giving?

Sean: Yeah, I’m giving Jem myself. What? Okay, I kid, I kid. In all honesty, I’d completely forgotten about Christmas. But don’t tell Jem that. Got any suggestions on what to buy? ::shrug:: I’m usually the receiver of gifts at Christmas, not the giver—I’m way out of practice.

Wyatt: There’s only one gift I want and that’s to finally say my vows with Charley. As far as I know, that’s what she wants, too. But I’m with Sean. I’ll give her me, too. Maybe that would be a better gift idea. All wrapped up with a bow …

Liam: The fae don’t celebrate Christmas like the humans do, but BrĂ­gh’s thinking about putting up a tree so Lila can remember what it was like when she was little and her mother decorated the house so they’d fit in with the humans. The only gift Lila ever wants is … uh ::scratches head and rubs warmth from cheeks:: … guess I can’t really say that in mixed company.

Wyatt again: Sean said it. I said it. Come on, you’ll feel better for it. ::chuckles::

Liam: Let’s just say she’ll find her gift already unwrapped for her and entirely willing to please. ::grins::

Sean: And who said males don’t know how to keep their females happy?

Keeping with the Christmas theme for one more question, are you a fan of the holidays or a Grinchy-Scrooge-type?

Sean: Nah, I’m not a Grinch. I just … usually get lavished with stuff off Dad. Last Christmas was when me and Ethan got our latest vehicles. Then we spent the afternoon racing along the lane outside the house instead of cozying up by a tree we didn’t have. I won. Of course. The race, that is. What’d you expect between a Porsche and a Ford pickup?

Wyatt: I’m a big fan of the holiday. Wasn’t for a while, but I’m liking it again now that Charley’s in my life permanently.

Liam: Geez, these humans and their cars. I was so glad when most of them went to the junk yard when the gas supply dried up. Iron and the fae don’t get along so well. As for gifts, I’d give Lila anything she wanted if she’d let me, but she hates anyone making a fuss over her for any reason. Who’s this Grinch person, anyway?

Sean: Grinch is in that Christmas hymn, movie, right?

Wyatt: What is it with women who don’t want us to fuss over them. I thought they all wanted us to.

Liam: Yeah, most fae women do, but not Lila. Still haven’t entirely figured her out, though I vow to spend eternity trying, Goddess willing. I don’t feel the cold like others do, and I’ve always found snow fascinating. My favorite thing to do when it’s winter and I’m in the north is to sprawl out with Lila on the rug in front of a fireplace at that hotel we sneak off to once in a while. ::grins:: Preferably without clothes.

::fist bumps with Wyatt and Sean::

Since you’re here in honour of anthology’s release, how are you feeling about people getting the chance to read stories from your perspective?

Sean: What d’you mean? People are reading about me? Shit! I don’t remember that being part of the bargain.

Wyatt: I like getting to tell my side of our relationship, though I have to admit I did get a few words in the first story. As for now, if my friends would stop butting in to my life, this story probably wouldn’t even have happened. Gotta wonder what makes them stick their noses in my life. Then again, had they not, Charley and I might not have gotten back together.

Liam: Sean, how could you not know with your author person hovering over you the whole time?

Sean: Um … ::rubs head::

Liam: Lila blinds me too, but I’d have to be totally daft not to have noticed that. As for me, I’m a little nervous, actually. This throws one of my darkest hours out for everyone to see, one I’m not proud of. I just hope nobody thinks too badly of me for what I almost allowed to happen.

Well our interview is coming to a close, any parting comments that’d you guys would like to leave us with?

Sean: Yeah, I have some good advice to impart, Holloway style: steer clear of my bush, only wimps drink tea—coffee is the way forward, keep your mate’s butt away from Josh Larsen (he has a freakishly bad habit of sniffing them), do NOT piss in my territory … and if you’re ever in need of a new apartment, you should check out Holloway Housing. ::grin::

Wyatt: If you talk to Cael, will you please tell him to get off his butt and talk to Lily? I’m about ready to just step in like he and James have done to me so often. Those two really need to get together. ::Turns to Sean:: I’ll be sure to keep Charley away from your Josh.

Liam: Really? He sniffs asses? Okay, that’s just weird. If he sniffs mine I’ll have to shift and peck his damn eyes out and yeah, you can tell him that.

Sean: Relax. It’s only female asses—arses he sniffs.

Liam: He comes near Lila and it won’t be his eyes I go after if you catch my drift. Yeah, anyway, it was great to get together with Sean and Wyatt again, and thanks Ambur. Anyone up for a friendly chat over a beer or some good Canadian elfish ale?

Wyatt: I’d be up for a beer.

Sean: ::nods:: Sounds good to me. Let’s go.

haha some awesome banter going on between those guys! :D
Also, some fantastic answers, and sage wisdom from Sean. :P lol
I hope that you all enjoyed getting to know the male leads of Into the Unknown, and now that you know them, maybe you'll want to get the ebook...well, here's your chance to win a copy! ;D

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Did you like the interview? 
Did you have a favourite part? 
Any questions for the authors or characters? :)

Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. You have noooo idea how much fun this interview was to take part in. Thanks for hosting yet another giveaway on my behalf, Ambur. :o)

  2. What a interview! I nearly laughed out loud when Sean didn't realize we'd be reading about him. I could just picture him really rubbing his head looking all confused! ROFL!

  3. Thanks, Ambur! On behalf of Wyatt, I say he thoroughly enjoyed himself! :) You're awesome for hosting all three men! :)

  4. Great job Ambur! I absolutely loved the interview! The manly banter was too funny! Don't tell them I said that! I can't wait to read the book! Thanks for the post and the giveaway!

  5. @jablfield: I think I can was fun to read the answers, so I bet you guys had tonnes of fun! You're welcome, Julie! I'm always happy to host stuff for you on my blog. :)

    @Barbara: haha agreed! :D I could totally picture it, too. Thanks for commenting Barbara, good luck in the giveaway! :D

    @Aimee: You're welcome! :D Awe, yay! I'm glad he did. ;) Well, I'm glad that you, Julie, and Jo were happy to share them with me for the day. ;)

    @Brenda: Thanks! I'm glad you liked my questions...I obviously can't take credit for the fantastic answers, but I definitely tried to think of questions that would be fun for all three of them to answer. :D You're welcome, although you can thank J.A Belfield for the giveaway, I"m merely hosting it for her. ;) Thanks for commenting, and good luck! :D

  6. Hi Ambur~!

    Dude, this was like crazy-fun to read! :) I Laughed like a monkey on crack - dead serious! I don't think I ever came across a book co-written by three authors! I mean 2 is rare already, but three! I can only imagine how crazy (in a good way) this book is :D I don't usually enter eBook contests, but this sounds too good to pass it up! Thanks for the brilliant post! :)

    Question: was it hard to co-write? Did you guys, like, jump at each others throats sometimes?! :D Just curious!

    Ambur, thanks for the entertaining post today!
    <3 Evie

  7. @Evie: Hey Evie! :D I'm glad you liked it! It's actually an anthology, all with separate stories though, but they are all pretty great friends, and they're all amazing authors! :D It would be pretty cool if they co-wrote a book though! I might just have to suggest this. ;)

    You're welcome! And I'm glad that you entered even though ebooks aren't usually your thing! :D

  8. Super cute post! I enjoyed reading it quite a bit.

    I just wanted to stop by to thank you for grabbing my Holiday Foreplay button; it's much appreciated! :)

  9. LOVED the interview! It was soooo creative to "interview" the characters!! PURE GENIUS! Do more!!!

  10. This is such a cute and clever interview! Fav part...everything! The character interview was gr--rreaaatt!!

  11. @Evie
    This was heaps of fun to collaborate with the two fine ladies on. However, said two fine ladies are both pretty headstrong, and I can't help but wonder how much head butting would ensue if we were to work so closely for an entire novel. Doesn't mean I'd be afraid to try it. Nope. Not scared at all. These two don't terrify me in the slightest. :p

  12. What great fun reading this interview. These guys are a hoot together, but somehow, I don't think they'd make great friends. Well, let's say I don't think their mates would get along with each other. Now that would be an interview! Somehow I think it would be more difficult to get the ladies in the room together. :)

  13. LOL @Jenny. I couldn't agree more. :D


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