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[Review] SURE SHOT (Brooklyn #4) by Sarina Bowen

Source: Received an egalley in exchange for an honest review.
Release Date: May 12, 2020
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A new stand-alone hockey romance from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen.

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, sports agent Bess Beringer is ready to make some changes. Armed with a five-year plan—indexed and color coded—she’ll tackle her personal life with the same zeal that she brings to her successful agency.

A big, tall, ripped hunk of hockey player who’s just been traded to the Brooklyn Bruisers is not a part of that plan. Mark “Tank” Tankiewicz has a lot of baggage. He’s a ride-or-die loner with a bad reputation. He’s on the rebound. He’s also the sexiest thing on two legs, and for some crazy reason it’s Bess that he wants.

She knows better. But then she falls stupid in love with him anyway. And for a while it seems like maybe he’ll do the same.

Until she asks him for the one thing he can never give her…

G E T   Y O U R   C O P Y   N O W !


I'm a huge fan of Sarina Bowen's Brooklyn/Brooklyn Bruisers series, so I was extremely excited to start SURE SHOT, especially knowing that it would be Bess's story! We've seen her in quite a few of Sarina's other books, so I've been eager to get to know her better....and boy did this book ever deliver! It was even better than I hoped and I loved every single minute of it!!! :D

Bess and Tank were absolutely AMAZING! I love how strong and independent Bess was and I loved her passion for hockey and her career...and Tank! Gah! He started off in a very rough place when this book began, but seeing him find passion again...both with Bess and on the ice...was so wonderful! He was determined, and extremely passionate! The chemistry between Bess and Tank was phenomenal and incredibly intense! I loved everything between the two of them and I love, love, looooooved seeing them work to come together. They were honestly so fantastic together, and they complemented each other so well!

Along with loving Bess and Tank, and their wonderful romance, I just adore the book universe that Sarina Bowen has created between her Brooklyn Bruisers and Brookyn series! The characters are absolutely wonderful, and I really love seeing how each new couple and character fits into the world that she's created. Each book brings a tighter group, and it makes them even more special once you've have a chance to read the books that come before. They definitely work as standalones, but I personally love it even more when I've read the earlier books since it means you get to enjoy their appearances even more in the books that come after...and that's totally the case here, especially since Bess's brother, Dave, even connects this book to her True North series! Gotta love when book universes intertwine! :D

Overall, I thought that SURE SHOT was amazing! The characters, the story, and the entire world that Sarina Bowen has created in this book universe are phenomenal and so much fun! I highly recommend SURE SHOT (and even the rest of this series!) to readers who love contemporary romances that are passionate and addictive...I read most of this one in one sitting...and I only put it down because the sun was coming up and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer! haha

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