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Blue Moon Blog Tour: Character Interview and Giveaway!

Just two days ago, Blue Moon by J.A. Belfield was released, so today I am participating in the book's blog tour! I've already read it, and it was fabulous! As always, J.A. Belfield has wowed me with her words and she's also generously offered me the opening slot of her Blog Tour! for the Blue Moon blog tour, I have a special guest...JEM STONEHOUSE from the Holloway Pack Series! :D

You can read my interview with her below. My questions are in bold and her answers follow each one. 

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Hi Jem! :D Thank you for stopping by to visit with me, and hopefully Sean doesn’t mind me stealing your attention for a little while. :)

He can deal. Thanks for having me.

The last little while has been crazy for you! The last time we saw you before Blue Moon, you had finally accepted your history with Sean and your place in the Pack. How have you adjusted to your Pack life? 

I’m not really sure that much adjusting has been necessary—not when it’s been mostly like slipping into my most comfy pair of sweats and settling down in front of my most comforting film whilst nibbling on the most comforting food. Which probably sounds a bit barf-worthy. But that’s the way it is. The pack have always made me feel welcome, and I’ve pretty much always felt as though I belong. It’s more that we’ve all settled into a comfortable—there’s that word again—routine that works for everyone involved. :)

We get to see more of your sister, Jess, in Blue Moon. How has your relationship with her changed since you’ve become a werewolf and gotten together with Sean?

Not an awful lot, to be honest. I mean, obviously she says ‘I told you so’ a lot about the whole existence of werewolves debate we spent years having, but she hasn’t treated me any differently. Sure, she has plenty of questions, and sure, she has plenty to say, but, trust me, that’s really no different to how she was before.

Now, I’ve read Blue Moon, so I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, but I have to ask…after your ordeal, do you think you’re going to be even more apprehensive about your boys dating? 

I’d like to say I wasn’t apprehensive about Josh dating (or Dan), that it was more to do with not liking their choices too much, but I think a more honest answer would have to be YES! Though, I guess just how much I’ll worry will depend on which pack member it is, and who they bring home—because not all the guys are as naive as Josh, and not all females are ... um ... unsuitable.

You and your Pack are going to be going through some tough times in the next while, how are you all dealing with the things that have happened and the lasting effects? 

Yeah, not too well. The house has been pretty sombre whilst we all try to deal with what’s been left behind by the ordeal.

Next time we see you will be in the novella, Resonance, and that has to do with you dealing with the aftermath of what happened in Blue Moon…can you give us a hint about what kind of state you’re going to be in when we start the novella?

Well, timeline-wise, Resonance falls fairly soon after the end of Blue Moon, so life pretty much sucks, and I have no idea if that will change—how it can change. I’ve had to place a lot of faith in Jess. I’m really hoping that doesn’t begin to waiver.

After Resonance, it will be Ethan’s first Holloway Pack book, Caged. How is he as a big brother? And do you think we’ll be ready for a book full of Ethan?

Do I think you’re ready for a whole book of Ethan? Probably not. I mean, he’s tough, and all that. And loyal. And courageous. And will go to the ends of the earth to protect those he gives a damn about. However, he’s also a huge pain in the bum and in a world all of his own with his sense of humour—which I guess kind of answers your first question, eh?

And my final question, are you and Sean planning a family of your own yet? ;)

Um ... it’s not something we’ve talked about.

Thanks again for chatting with me, Jem! It’s been a pleasure. :)

Thank you for having me. I enjoyed the reprieve.


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So, what did you think of my interview with Jem?
Any other Holloway Pack fans out there?

Good luck and thank you for entering! :D


  1. Haha I like how your last question's about starting a family. LOL

  2. Thanks so much for having Jem on your blog today and hosting the tour, Ambur. :D

    1. You're welcome, J.A! :D I'm happy to host the tour, and to borrow Jem for an interview! :D Thanks for inviting me to join it! :D

  3. Loved the interview! The book sounds terrific. Thanks for the chance to win.

    mlawson17 at hotmail dot com

    1. Yay! I'm glad you loved it! :D It really is! I'm a huge fan of this series and it just keeps getting better! You're welcome, and thank you for entering and for your lovely comment! :D

  4. I haven't read this series, but I think it sounds very cool!

  5. I did enjoy the interview thank you. I love finding new to me writers.

    1. You're welcome! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you've discovered J.A. Belfield...she's fantastic! :D

  6. What I read of the interview I liked, but since I have not been able to read the books yet, I didn't want to spoil anything. Will have to pick up Blue Moon Soon.


    1. It has a few things you wouldn't know without reading, but in general I kept the questions pretty vague so no one would be spoiled. :P Blue Moon's the second book, so pick up the first, Darkness and Light, first. :)

      You're welcome. :)


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