Sunday 11 September 2011

Shortie Says: 500 Followers Giveaway!

So I just saw this giveaway, and I thought I would share it with my lovely followers! Here are the details: 

Shortie Says has just passed 500 followers, and so she's having a giveaway!

It's international, and ends Sept.18.

Short Says: 500 Followers Giveaway!
Click the above ^^^^ button or the title link to go to the giveaway.

The winner will get to choose between some of the books that she's recently read, and loved! :D 

Good luck to everyone who enters! :D

Happy Reading!!!

Ambur ♪♫


  1. Thanks for sharing! And also, in response to your comment on my IMM - the cover shown on The Book Depository for Touch of Frost is weird, but that's where I ordered my copy from and I got the normal version! So if you really do want a copy and can't find it anywhere else, just order it from TBD, and you should get the same cover version I got :).

  2. Thank you for posting this!! Your blog design is SO pretty! I LOVE orange! :)

  3. @Liz: You're welcome! :D Oh really?! That's awesome! I think I'll have to order it then. I was worried I'd get some random cover. lol

    @Jena: You're welcome! Thanks for having the giveaway! And thanks! I (obviously) love orange too! :D


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