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Guest Post by Aimee Laine and GIVEAWAY!

Humans Pretend, Mimics ... Do.

Grandma’s white wedding gown.

Dad’s tie, hat and suit jacket.

Mom’s pearls, beads and high heel shoes.

What do these little goodies have in common?

They are the perfect items to be stuffed in a trunk in the attic, a closet or a box in a basement — pulled out by a six year old little girl and her friend(s) as they begin their growing up journey. These items (among plenty of others) are the quintessential goodies that let we girls play dress-up.

Do we ever really stop, though? In our teens, we don our fabulous dresses for proms and dances. Later, it’s our own weddings. Beyond that, a time or two in a skinny little black dress or some other fashionable ensemble takes us from our usual corporate gear, or our sweats, to a woman whose outer facade takes over from her inner core.

She has played dress up, yet again — just in a little different way.

I still love pulling out my little red dress and wiggling it on, sliding my hands down the sides and going, “Yeah ... you look good,” only to put the dress back on the hanger, hoping for another chance to wear it.

The Mimics of Rune, especially the women, have an opportunity not only to dress the part, but to also be the part. They can do or be their own ultimate childhood fantasy — maybe my fantasy (since I created them).

I watched Princess Diana’s wedding so long ago, with that long train and her crown of jewels. Right then, I wanted to be a princess — to image how awesome it would be to be her.

Mimics became, in my mind, the ultimate way to be both who I am and someone else. I could envision all the little details of being a princess, royalty, a strong female CEO, or even someone who I’ve only ever ‘met’ via the People magazine or the tabloids.

I could pretend.

And there ... my imagination ran wild — especially since I gave Charley one little added bonus of a photographic memory. Would Charley want to be a lawyer? She can be it. Stripper? Yep. (Why or why would she want to do that?) Princess? Yup. Super model? Oh yeah! Hollywood actress? Certainly. There are reasons for every role she takes, just like a little girl choosing to be the bride, her dad or the latest fashionista.

Like my characters, like the Mimics, I, too, can return to my little girl roots and just ... pretend.


Here's some information about Aimee's book, Little White Lies (Goodreads):

When the government needs a body double for a covert operation, they hire shape-shifter Charley Randall. For two centuries, she’s played every part from foreign dignitary to office drone. The role she wants most, though, is one she’s denied herself three times already.

FBI Agent Wyatt Moreland believes Charley’s photographic memory is the key to his latest assignment. He’s oblivious to the true extent of her abilities, but he can’t deny the sense of déjà vu at their introduction.

Unlike Wyatt, Charley knows this isn’t their first meeting.

It’s their fourth.

The girl he vowed to love, sixteen years before, stands in front of him in her true form - one he’ll never recognize.

With each reconnection, Charley loves him more, though she realizes this is her last chance to explain. Only absolute truth can bring them happiness, but can Wyatt forgive her deceptions? Or will lies tear them apart forever?

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      Thanks to Aimee Laine for donating these awesome prizes, and also for her fantastic guest post! :D
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      1. Yeah! I'm so excited to see this up! I have tweeted and my own blog will post about it a little later today. :) if anyone has any comments or questions for me (the author of Little White Lies) I'll be happy to answer them, too. Enjoy the guest post and the goodies!

      2. What a fantastic and original concept. I'm definitely adding this to my TBR list and can't wait to read it.

      3. @Aimee: Whoops. Had the Rafflecopter set to a different date, all fixed now. :) Thanks Aimee! :D I'm excited to see it up too, it's a very cute guest post. :D

        @Kristie Cook: Glad to hear that! It's an amazing story, and I hope you enjoy it! :D

      4. This sounds deliciously creepy! I like it! Thanks so much for holding a contest! :)

        Ammy Belle

      5. I've had my eye on this one for awhile now, very excited to read it. Thanks for the giveaway!

      6. The premise of this sounds amazing. Really enjoyed the post. The cover is really intriguing as well :)

      7. Shape-shifters! Finally! More of them. I was kinda getting tired of werewolves (no, not really, but there's a lot of them). I hope this books has a happy ending. :D

      8. @Kristie - thanks for adding to your TBR pile!
        @Lydia - thanks for entering!
        @Ammy - LOVE your take on what how it sounds. :)
        @Hoping 4 More - Glad this pushed you a little. I hope you love it!
        @Vivien - glad you like the premise. :) Hope you love it!
        @TayteH - Yeah for shapeshifters, too! :)

        Thank you all for participating. :) I hope you like the story and the goodies!

      9. Thank you for the giveaway! This book looks so good.

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      10. Love the idea for the book! It seems very original and interesting, can't wait to read it!!!

      11. What a cool book about shape-shifters! I'd love to read it!

        Thanks for the giveaway!

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      12. Thanks for this giveaway!
        Finally a different book.


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