Wednesday, 29 December 2010

In A Past Life (Read-A-Thon Challenge) from The Nerd's Wife

Here's a link to the challenge for the Read-A-Thon if you're participating:

So here are the questions:

Choose a character from the book you're currently reading and answer the following questions in the comments of this post.

•What historical figure do you think they could have been in a past life?
•Why did you choose this figure?
•What similarities do the two share?
•Be sure to tell us the book and the character you chose.

The book I'm currently reading is Night Star by Alyson Noel. Which, coincidentally enough is filled with past lives.

I think for the character, I'm going to choose Sabine just because we don't know of any of her past lives, Ever would've been a more obvious choice, but I think that's cheating. :P

I think in a past life Sabine was someone who was perhaps taken in by the mystical, so I'm going to say she was Alexandra Romanov of Russia. Since she was royal she would know the workings of the law, which being a lawyer Sabine, is extremely interested in. She also does not approve of or 'believe' in psychic abilities or other spiritual stuff like that, which would suggest that she's been spurned by it in the past...or past life.

If you're doing the Read-a-thon, don't miss out on the mini-challenges, the link to this one is at the top of this post :)

Happy Reading!!!
♪♫ Ambur

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