Friday, 3 December 2010

CSN Stores - Counter Height Stools

Hillsdale Milan 30" Swivel Bar Stool

Ok, so some super exciting news! CSN Stores recently contacted me, and boy was I excited. I've never been contacted like that before, so it was a pretty exciting experience. I'll be doing a review sometime soon, and there will also be an upcoming giveaway, I'll keep you posted. :)

CSN has over 200 online stores, where you can get things like bookshelves, designer shoes, counter height stools, and I even did a search and I even found book accessories, like book lamps or book ends!

Verilux Natural Spectrum® Book and Travel Light
Carson FlexNeck LED Book Light

4D Concepts Hanging Corner Storage in Cherry
 I found this awesome shelf, which I love because it has the letter 'A' on it...even though I don't want it because of Alabama, I want it for my name. I also love the pegs...I tend to through all my sweaters and coats on top of my desk chair, this would help with the mess. :)

Fan Creations University of Alabama Shelf with Pegs
 You can find pretty much anything on their sites, and in some cases you can even get free shipping on your items. I'm pretty new to buying things online, but CSN's online stores seem like a pretty awesome place to buy things online, especially since it's so close to Christmas...and if you're interested in their sites and you hurry and order soon you could get presents for your friends and family. :)

I hope you guys like the stuff I decided to share with you from CSN. Let me know what you think please. And also, if you were going to buy online, what kind of things would you be looking for (I'm just curious :P)?

Happy Reading!!!! 

♪♫ Ambur