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Review: The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa


I've already posted my review for The Iron King, which I loved! I started reading The Iron Daughter immediately after I'd read Winter's Passage, which I downloaded on NetGalley. I absolutely loved the novella too.

Winter's Passage was a short novella that showed Ash and Meghan's journey to the Winter Court and Queen Mab. It wasn't too long, and it packed a major punch full of action. I definitely recommend reading it if you haven't already. You can access it on various online sites. Here are a couple:
It can be read online in some cases for free, and on other sites you can purchase it for download.
Now onto my review for The Iron Daughter...I didn't think that I could love Julie's Iron Fey world any more, but The Iron Daughter most definitely proved me wrong. It drew me into the realm of Faery even more, and I didn't want to put this book down at all. I wanted to read until I finished, and of course, once I finished I wished I had taken my time reading. I wanted it to go on forever, but of course books don't work that way, so I'll have to settle for rereading it sometime soon...maybe right before The Iron Queen comes out in February. :D

I loved that there were more details in this book. As Meghan learned more about Nevernever and the fey, so did we. I loved that we see even more types of Fey in this book, even if most of them are Unseelie fey and aren't necessarily that pleasant to meet. :P I loved the bigger characters, and the smaller ones that we see only briefly. I loved Ash of course, even if he was a douchebucket during some of the story...but isn't that why we love him? :P I loved Grim and Puck, and the comedic factor those two bring. I loved the action, the romance, the tension in this story. It had so many things going for it!

I felt like in The Iron Daughter, Meghan was forced to grow up a lot more. She faced more hardships on her own and had to learn to not rely on Ash, Puck or Grimalkin as much. This book was also way more emotional for me, but I love emotional stories. I’m a sucker for them and a sap, so the tears flow easy.

There was so much turmoil in this book, and so much emotion. Julie has a way of making you care for her characters and during the emotional parts, that really came into play. I was empathetic for the characters and it was so easy to lose myself in this story. A lot of stuff happens in this book, but it just flew by, and boy did The Iron Daughter end with a bang. I just love Julie and her cliffhangers, the anticipation builds and builds. I mean, I feel tortured and everything, but I still love ‘em...I must be a sucker for those too.

The Iron Fey has quickly become one of my ultimate favourite series, and thanks to Netgalley and HarperTeen, I was able to read the galley of The Iron Queen, which I will try and review shortly. The Iron Fey series is a non-stop emotional rollercoaster and action-packed ride. And I for one am so excited for more...especially more of Ash *swoon* ;)

Here are a couple of links just for fun:

The Iron Fey's Facebook Page
Julie Kagawa's website
Julie Kagawa's blog

And here are the Goodreads pages of the other books in the Iron Fey Series:

Winter's Passage --- This is a novella that takes place between The Iron King & The Iron Daughter, and if you haven't read it yet, you should definitely check it out. You can find it free for download on various websites, I got mine from NetGalley.
The Iron King --- This is book 1 in the Iron Fey series, but if you're reading review, you likely already new that. ;)
The Iron Queen  --- This book comes out February 11, 2011...I personally cannot wait until it's out :D
The Iron Knight  --- It was also just released that there will be a fourth book in the Iron Fey series, this one's Ash's story! :D

If you've already read this series, what are your thoughts?? Ash or Puck??

Happy Reading and Do Svidaniya!!!

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  2. I love this series too. Julie's writing always sweeps me right in the story.

  3. ComaCalm: Awe thanks! :D

    Jami: Oh I agree, I get so caught up in her books. :)

  4. I love this book too! Can't wait to read The Iron Queen!


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