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Racing Savannah Blog Tour: #Review, #GuestPost & #Giveaway!

Racing Savannah (Hundred Oaks #4) by Miranda Kenneally
Published by: Sourcebooks Fire
Publication date: December 3rd 2013
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Source: Provided with an ebook from the publisher for an honest review. 
They’re from two different worlds.

He lives in the estate house, and she spends most of her time in the stables helping her father train horses. In fact, Savannah has always been much more comfortable around horses than boys. Especially boys like Jack Goodwin—cocky, popular and completely out of her league. She knows the rules: no mixing between the staff and the Goodwin family. But Jack has no such boundaries.

With her dream of becoming a horse jockey, Savannah isn’t exactly one to follow the rules either. She’s not going to let someone tell her a girl isn’t tough enough to race. Sure, it’s dangerous. Then again, so is dating Jack…
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Miranda Kenneally is the author of CATCHING JORDAN, STEALING PARKER, THINGS I CAN'T FORGET, and RACING SAVANNAH. Her fifth book, most likely to be titled BREATHE, ANNIE, BREATHE, is coming out in July 2014. She enjoys reading and writing young adult literature, and loves Star Trek, music, sports, Mexican food, Twitter, coffee, and her husband.

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I am seriously so smitten with this series...and with each book I grow to love it more and more! :D While I loved the three previous books, I definitely have to say that Racing Savannah is my favourite so far!! :D I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

Savannah was an AMAZING narrator!!! I loved that she was so true to herself, and that she knew that even though she was poor, she still had value! Too many heroines...and people in real life, too, don't value themselves enough, but Savannah definitely didn't have that problem, and I totally loved her for it. I was so proud of her throughout this book, and I absolutely loved that she stood up for herself the way that she did. Savannah is one of those characters that you just have to love, not only because she's an amazing person, but also because she's the kind of person we all should aspire to be more like. I really hope that we see more heroines in YA like Savannah because she's fantastic.

Also, I absolutely loved Savannah's relationship with the horses! And of course, I loved her relationship with Jack, too. ;D Sometimes the boy got on my nerve, but like I said, I was proud of Savannah, and in her interactions with Jack, she definitely made me proud...Jack did in the end, too. All in all though, I loved Jack...and if I were Savannah, I would've been smitten with the charismatic cowboy, too. ;D I honestly just loved the characters in Racing Savannah, they were great! I really enjoyed getting to know them, and I loved getting to see the siblings of a few of the previous characters growing up, it was pretty neat.

Racing Savannah actually takes place a few years after Things I Can't Forget, but we did still get to see our favourite characters from the previous books, they're just a little bit me though, you will LOVE that you get to see them! I was totally giddy and squeeing when I saw what the characters were all up to. ;D

Overall, I absolutely LOVED Racing Savannah! It's my favourite in the Hundred Oaks series so far, and I thought that Savannah was an amazing heroine! She was strong, funny, and just all-around awesome! I think she's one of the best YA heroines out there, and I loved reading her story. I can't wait for more from Miranda Kenneally because the Hundred Oaks series just keeps getting better and better!


I asked Miranda why she chose to make the Hundred Oaks series a companion series rather than just following one narrator, and here's what she said:

Thank you for having me on your blog today! I’m honored.

Why did I choose to write companion novels rather than a series? That is a great question. I have to be honest. I never set out to write companion novels. When I first wrote CATCHING JORDAN, I knew it was a standalone novel. I kind of had an idea of what happened to Jordan and Henry when they went to college, but I never wanted to write that story. The thing about sequels is that there has to be drama, and in order to find drama, I probably would’ve had to break up Jordan and Henry or give them some impossible problem. With good books come great dilemmas. (That sounds like something a literary Spiderman would say, eh?)

Even though I’ve gotten about a gazillion emails cursing me for not writing a CATCHING JORDAN sequel, I didn’t want to mess with Jordan and Henry’s happiness over the course of 300 pages, and I honestly doubt my readers ultimately would like that either.

So how did I get started on companion novels… Well, several months before CATCHING JORDAN was coming out, my editor told me she wanted more books from me. I had already started writing STEALING PARKER, but it was set in another town in Tennessee, at a totally different school. But as I kept moving through the story, characters from CATCHING JORDAN just showed up! I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. The same sort of thing happened when writing CATCHING JORDAN. I had intended for Ty and Jordan to get together, but Sam Henry would just not go away. He kept showing up in scenes and then I realized he was there to stay.

I’m really glad my books have turned out as companions. I love expanding on the same town and meeting new characters along the way.

I hope you guys enjoy reading about Savannah and Jack, who live on an estate right next to Will Whitfield’s (Corndog from Stealing Parker) in RACING SAVANNAH.

Some other companion novels I enjoy are Sarah Dessen’s, and Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever/Iced companion series. I can’t wait to read Huntley Fitzpatrick’s companion novel to MY LIFE NEXT DOOR.

What companion novels do you guys like?


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You can find the rest of the Racing Savannah Blog Tour HERE.

What do you think?
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And did my review make you want to start this series if you haven't already?
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  1. I have to say I really love companion series -- they take you into a familiar setting and let you get a glimpse into the lives of characters you love without having to give them trouble again, like Miranda mentions.

    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

    1. I love them, too, Ashley! :D That's exactly it. It's always nice to see characters once you've finished their story.

      Good luck in it! :D

  2. I love companion series I think mostly because I find with my crappy memory it doesn't happen if I forget details of what has happened - it's actually part of why I don't often like sequels unless I read them back to back. And I'm you liked it, Ambur! Great review! :)

    1. I love them, too! :D Haha that's a definite plus! I have a tendency to forget certain details, too, but I still continue to read series where I should remember stuff. haha I'm glad too! I'd be surprised if I didn't at this point. I feel like Miranda's books just keep getting better. Thank you! :D

  3. I can not wait to read this book and see what the others are up to!

    1. I hope you get to read it soon and that you love it, too! :D

  4. I love companion series and I totally agree with what Ashley says. Right now I just finished A Little too Far by Lisa Desrochers and the next book is A Little Too Much which are companions.

    Great Giveaway!! <3

    1. Nice! Companion series are awesome! I still need to start Lisa Desrochers's A Little Too Far series. It sounds awesome. :D

      Good luck! :)

  5. I have yet to read this series! Honestly, it's because I always assumed that it just wasn't my kind of read, but I've been thinking lately that I should reevaluate that. Because for one, everyone seems to love this series and speaks highly of the author and for two, I really appreciate your description of Savannah! I always respond well to those kinds of characters and I know I would love that girl, too!!

    1. I think you'd like it, Eilidh! Especially this one! I think you'd love Savannah. :D I know you've been wanting to try some contemporary reads, so maybe this is a series you could start with. :D

  6. Yes! This was my favourite, too! I just loved everything ... Savannah, Jack (oh, Jack!), and especially the horses. It just seemed so different from the other books in the series, but definitely in a good way. I can't wait to see what Miranda comes up with next!

    1. Yay!!! :D I'm glad it was your fav, too! Same here, it was so good!!! Oh, Jack indeed. ;D haha I agree, it felt really different, but a very good different! Me either!!! Her next book cannot come fast enough! ;D


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