Monday, August 27, 2012

Lost in the World of Westeros...

You might've noticed that I haven't been posting very often lately. There are a couple of reasons for that. :P

Number 1: I've been working this summer, so I've been kind of tired once I get home. I know this is a lame excuse but life happens, right? I've actually gone to bed before 9 during this summer...which is seriously weird for me. haha
This is how I've felt about my laptop  lately. :P
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Number 2: My computer's been acting up, which has been making consistent posting a little difficult. I mean it still runs, but it's taken to deciding that it constantly needs updates and then restarts on me...which would be fine with a normal, well-running computer, but with my laptop it causes issues. When my laptop gets turned off...there isn't always a guarantee that I'll be able to see what's on the screen when it's turned back on, which is why I've ordered a new one! So, by next week hopefully I'll have my new laptop and this issue won't be a problem anymore. :P

Number 3: I've had no free weekends this month, or at least I wasn't supposed to. I had three family reunions for the first three weeks, and I worked those weekends, too. I didn't end up going to one of the reunions, but I did meet up with my fellow Edmonton Book Bloggers that weekend. :) Then this past week, my cousin got married. So, needless to say, my weekends have been rather full. :P
This guy's been keeping me up at night....reading, that is. :PJon Snow ♥

Number 4: I started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin (yes, the one that has been made into the HBO show, Game of Thrones), and I put the one book down a while back....but I picked it up again recently, and I kind of got caught up in the series. The title of this post kind of gives that away. I have been completely and utterly lost in the world of Westeros, and the other places all around it. I've gotten seriously addicted to this series, and I've kept reading until my eyes literally start closing on their own. I'm especially looking forward to the next season of the TV show now, too! :D At first, I thought the books were kind of dense, but now I'm in so deep that I just can't stop reading. It's a constant feeling of HAVING to know what's going to happen next. This is also why I haven't been doing too many memes lately. I've been reading these books pretty much exclusively because there are so many characters to keep track of, so I've been sticking to reading just the one series pretty much. I'm on book three though, and I'm getting closer to finishing, so I may take a break between A Storm of Swords and A Feast For Crows, and read something else. :P I've also been very behind on my Stacking the Shelves posts, so I'll start fresh next week. :)

So, those are my excuses, and I know they're lame, but I'm hoping to blog more soon. I have a few reviews that I still need to write, and a giveaway to post (I'm gonna try to get it up tomorrow actually, so keep your eyes open for that!). My new laptop should be here soon too, so that will definitely help with blogging, and I'm going to try and pace myself better with A Song of Ice and Fire...but if you don't hear from me for a little while, I just might've gotten lost in Westeros once again. :P

I hope that you're all having amazing summers, and that the weather has been great wherever you live. :D I also hope that you've gotten caught up in some amazing books...even though they might keep me from blogging, I think it's amazing to get so caught up in a series that you can't even think of anything else.

What do you think though? 
Do you like the feeling of getting lost in a book, too?
Also, how's your summer been? I'd love to hear about it. :D

Also, here are a few more pictures from Game of Thrones...just because I love it so much! :D Jon and Daenerys are my favourites! :D


  1. Oh! Glad to hear things are going well for you and it's books that are keeping you from book blogging. :) I moved and just got internet (like a couple hours ago) so I hadn't really been able to blog myself... I'm hoping to do some catching up myself!

    Happy reading! I don't think I'll be picking up these books, honestly, but I'm very excited about season 3 :)

    1. haha yup, pretty much! I keep meaning to start writing up a review or something, but then I'll get caught up reading and end up going to sleep afterwards instead. :P I wondered where you'd been, too! Glad to hear that and I hope that you've loving the new place!!! :D

      Thanks! Happy reading to you, too! :D That's alright, you don't need to read them, and I can help you if you're confused about any people still. :P Same here!!! I can't wait!!!! :D

  2. I love getting lost in books, but I do find that now that I'm blogging, I seem to pick books that aren't as long, just so that I can get through more books (not that my inconsistent blog posting would attest to that lol!). Like, I'd love to read the Outlander series again, but it'd probably take me several weeks to read each book and I keep thinking, "but think of all the books you could read in the same amount of time!".

    Sounds like you're having a busy summer, too! Yay for getting a new lap top! I was trying to make an effort to blog more consistently but I started a new job and kept my old job so some days I work 14 hour days and then I'm exhausted on my days off. I'm very behind in writing reviews, ahhh. I've acknowledged that I'm also a really good time waster so instead of reading or writing, I'll often waste an entire evening on the internet ;p

    See you at the Smart Chicks tour?!

    1. I love it, too. :) And I agree, I don't do it as often now that I blog. I made an exception with the A Song of Ice and Fire series though, and now look what happened. ;) haha It's so true! You can finish so many more if you're not reading a series that's long or that has long books!

      Oh definitely! I know, I can't wait! :D I remember you mentioning when we had the meetup that you'd be working two jobs! That's tough! I know exactly what you mean about being exhausted...and that's how I feel with one job. Hopefully, you'll get a nice holiday or break sometime soon. :) haha I'm a really good time waster, too! After I waste all that time I usually can't even remember what it was wasted on. :P

      Yup! See you there!!! :D

  3. Not lame excuses at all! Summer is usually a busy time. :)

    I'm sad about your laptop! I LOVE mine and would be lost without it. It's so much less cumbersome than my desktop computer.

    I'm jealous you're reading the Fire & Ice books! I have the first one and really need to read it ... hubs would like me to finally watch the show with him!

    Hope you can slow down soon! :)

    1. That's true! :D I still feel like a bum when I don't blog anything in a couple of weeks though. ;) haha

      Me too. :( It's been acting up for a while now, and it still works, but I just don't trust it. And for school, you NEED to be able to trust your laptop. So, the old one still works, but now I'll have a new reliable one that definitely won't fail on me mid-Essay. :) Yeah, I'm a laptop person myself, too. I like to be able to use it all over the place. ;)

      They're amazing...and so is the show! :D You should definitely check them out. They do take a while to get into, but they're so worth it. :D

  4. Wow!! What a busy summer.. They're not lame excuses! I found it hard to read the past few days because I've been helping out at the school library and I've come home utterly EXHAUSTED. And I still had to help my mom cook dinner because.. I wanted to learn how to cook. LOL

    Don't worry about having to constantly put up posts, just do it on your own pace.

    1. Awe, you and Kristilyn are definitely making me feel better about not blogging much lately! Thanks! (And thanks to Kristilyn, too!) Oh's hard to believe how much work it can be sometimes! Makes me so grateful that my mom cooked for me when I was younger. Although I should definitely learn to cook more myself. ;) haha Maybe I'll get my mom to teach me how to cook a couple of dishes.

      Thanks, Leanne. :)


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