Tuesday 1 May 2012

A Perfect Storm Blog Tour: Guest Blog & Book Excerpt

Guest Blog - Using personal stories in writing a romance: do or don’t? - Lori Foster

I use personal situations, feelings, things I’ve noticed or talked about. Anything that’s actually me? No. Not ever.

For instance, I was shopping once with my husband and he nudged me. I looked at where he nodded, and there was this young guy, maybe 20 or so, looking at a girl in a prom-type dress. I swear I saw his Adam’s apple bob. He had this look about him that was both hilarious and endearing. I’ve used that particular look many times in my books. It truly said it all – how much he liked her, and how much he wanted her. She did look fantastic, I have to say. But not that much more so than many other 20-something year old girls. LOL. He was fully infatuated, and it was fun to see.

My kids (3 grown sons) have cracked jokes that I’ve used in books. They’ve made male-inspired comments about things that epitomize the masculine mindset. They often give me a good starting point for male POV scenes.

Almost anyone who has read me knows I don’t like alcohol, and I do like coffee. Those personal things show up often in my books. Anti-alcohol because we had many alcoholics in our family. Back 30+ years ago when hubby and I married, we made a very conscious decision to have all the family parties at our house, and to make them all alcohol-free. I didn’t want to raise my kids with the same problems I had. It’s worked great for us.

Just the other day, my sister sent me a text saying, “Nothing tastes better than that first drink of coffee.” I wrote her back and said, “I’ve used that exact line in a book many times.” She replied, “If I wrote books, I’d use it too.”

So yes, insignificant things from my life pop up in the books. Things I know, feelings I’ve experienced, scenes I’ve witnessed... they’re there, but with a fictional slant to them.

As a 53 year old, long-married mom of 3, trust me, no one wants to read anything that’s actually about *me.* It’d bore readers to tears. LOL.

(Note: You may have seen this Guest Blog already, as it has also been posted on several other blogs for the same blog tour.)

Book Excerpt:

He had no idea, except that it annoyed him to hear her be so coarse. “Go a month without cursing.” He hated himself, but he said, “Every time you slip, you owe me a kiss.”

Icy stillness fell over her. Silence pulsed in the room.

Tension gathered like storm clouds.

Pulling the tiger’s tail, he asked, “Well?”

Eyes glittering, Arizona slowly pushed to her feet.

“Fuck you,” she whispered.

He could see a pulse tripping in her slim throat.

He could see the fear she tried so hard to hide.

“I suggested a kiss, Arizona. Nothing more. And despite what you said, ‘no’ does mean ‘no’ to me. You don’t have to be afraid.”

You can find the next part of the excerpt (tomorrow) at: The Romance Studio

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What a great guest post, and excerpt! 
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