Friday 4 May 2012

Summer Lovin' Blog Tour: While He Was Away by Karen Schreck (Review)

 Source: Received an egalley from Netgalley and the publisher for an honest review.
Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire
Release Date: May 1, 2012
Number of Pages: 256 (Paperback)

Blurb from Goodreads:
"This is just something I have to do, okay?" I hear David say. "The right thing."

He cradles my face in his hands. He kisses me hard. Then he lets go of me. His eyes dart from me to whatever's next.

All she wants is for him to stay. She's been doing pretty well, pretending he doesn't have to go. But one day, after one last night to remember, she wakes up and there's no denying it anymore. He's gone.

When Penna Weaver's boyfriend goes off to Iraq, she's left facing life without him. As summer sets in, Penna tries to distract herself with work and her art, but the not knowing is slowly driving her crazy. Especially when David stops writing.

She knows in her heart he will come home. But will he be the same boy she fell in love with?

I wasn't sure about this book at first, Penna was incredibly dependent on David...and she didn't even have any other friends. I'm not a fan of co-dependent relationships, so it kind of put me off, but I hoped that Penna would evolve into more of an individual...and she did.

While He Was Away transformed from a book about about a romance between a girl and a soldier, into something more. I was really expecting this book to be all about the romance. The description heavily suggests that it is after all, but I found this book to be more about Penna by herself. I'm sure some readers probably clung to the romance aspects, but I felt that the moments where David was present were just too minimal to really govern the story, and it made it difficult to get to know him. Instead, I focused on Penna making new friends, and discovering things that she was passionate trying to find out more about her grandmother, Justine.

Penna's search for Justine was my favourite part of this book. I absolutely loved it, especially since it involved her mother, Linda, too. I loved seeing the generations of women in their family, and how family can help you cope with things. I also loved that Penna opened herself up to making friends. I was actually really sad for her...she'd lived in Killdeer for about a year and she hadn't gotten to know anyone her age other than David. Once David was even worse. Penna hadn't made a single friend to hang out with now that David was gone. I was so glad when Penna's mom dragged her to work at her restaurant, Red Earth. It gave Penna something to focus on, and it brought her to Cailtin, and through Caitlin, Jules. I loved Penna's blossoming friendships. Cailtin was so dramatic and awesome. Jules was an army girlfriend, too, so she was able to help Penna cope, and gave her advice. I loved how both girls encouraged Penna to go out and live her life, and when she needed them, they were there...and when they needed Penna, she was there, too.

Overall, I really liked While He Was Away. Although, for me it wasn't so much about romance, it was about a girl living her life despite the fact that the one she loved was away from her. It showed Penna coming out of her shell, and opening up to others. Along with friendship, this book was about family, and the obstacles that can come up in life...most of all, this book was about being yourself, even if that's not who you used to be.

Have you read this one yet?
If you have, or even if you haven't, what are your thoughts on While He Was Away?


  1. Well since I have an ARC of this on my shelves I'm super-glad to see it turned around for you. I really hate those co-dependent relationships too, but hopefully once I get passed that there will be a book that I love :)

    1. Yeah, I was pretty glad it turned around, and I hope you love it. :D


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