Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Instinct Tour: Sean Interview and Giveaway!

In honour of Valentine’s Day today and for Instinct’s virtual tour, I have Sean Holloway here as my guest! I’ve asked him some burning questions, and I hope that you all enjoy them!

Well, any Holloway Pack fans who haven’t read Instinct yet might be surprised to know that it’s set centuries before Darkness and Light, so the Sean I’m interviewing today is from a time pretty different from our own...and he’s pretty different from the Sean we’re used to. :P So, Sean, how about you tell us a bit about your life?

Which part exactly? The part where I have to mingle with humans at my brother’s demand? Or the part where I am permitted to stay true to my nature and run free through the forest of Wild Woodington? I would much rather talk of the latter. After all, I no longer have a taste for the villagers. Not since meeting Jem. *smiles* She is more than capable of meeting all of my … needs.

You were quite the ladies man, but when Jem came along that all changed. What makes her so different from other women?

Yes, I have heard the ‘ladies man’ rumours. Of course, as rumours often go, they are far from true. Surely, to be considered a true ladies man, I would be adept at wooing and conversing with humans of the opposite sex. I had no need to talk. *arches eyebrow* I beckoned …. They came.
And as for what makes Jem different? *smiles* You would have to smell her the way I do to understand.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, how about you tell us how you usually would have celebrated it before you met Jem?

Valentine’s Day is a human tradition. *frowns* Human traditions leave me confused.
And....how has the way you celebrate today changed since Jem came along?

Should it have? Though, I hear tell that Valentine’s Day is a celebration between lovers. *shares a slow smile* Surely, that would make every day as such for Jem and I? And whilst I have gladly regaled my pack brothers in the past of tales of my seductions … what occurs between Jem and I is too sacred to impart.

Did you get her anything special or surprise her with anything today? Something you wouldn’t mind sharing with us anyway. :P

As in a gift? *frowns* I have never quite understood the human need for such trivialities. Although … every intimate moment with Jem leaves me surprised. I would imagine she is affected in the same way.

What about Jem? Did she do anything special for you today? :)

Jem has no need to pamper. She accepts me. Surely, that alone is special enough.

Finally, since I’m sure I’m not the only one anxious to know more....how are you and Jem doing?? Hopefully you can tell us a little bit without spoiling us for Eternal. :P

Jem struggled to accept my … actions to begin. However, she has since come to understand how little option I was left with. In the beginning, I merely yearned for a way to continue spending time with Jem. The life I have now—with Jem—is something I dared not have hoped for. It goes beyond even my ultimate dreams. Even more so with my pack brothers embracement of her presence.

Thank you so much for chatting with us today, Sean! Now hurry back to Jem or she’ll be jealous that you’re spending part of your Valentine’s Day with us. :P

There are many reasons to hurry back to Jem. Though, I very much doubt risk of jealousy to be one of them. *smiles* Thank you for your hospitable company, Ambur. Until next time.

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  1. This interview was such fun to do with the 'old' Sean. Thanks so much, Ambur. :o)


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