Monday, 8 August 2011

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? (39)

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, is a bookish meme hosted by One Person's Journey Through a World of Books, where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It’s a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list. So hop on over to Journey and join in...and leave a comment here so I can check out what you are reading. All title links go to Goodreads. :)

Books I Read Last Week:
Loved this one! :D I'm a sucker for Harry Potter extras, and this one was pretty neat! :D

Misfit was awesome! :D I loved this one! I have to work on my review, but hopefully I'll have it up sometime soon. :)

Reading Now:

I've finally started reading this one again. :) I haven't finished it yet, but I'm at least making progress. It's a pretty intense book, and I love me some zombies! :D haha

I've read a bit of this one this week, but not much. It's a pretty choppy story, and I'm having trouble getting into the flow of it.

Just started this one yesterday! Love it so far! :D

Books I Want to Read This Week:

**No plans for this week yet. :)

And what are you reading???

Check out One Person's Journey Through a World of Books to find out what other people reading. :)

Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. I don't understand the purpose of reading multiple books at once...

  2. you should definitely try Beauty Queens on audiobook if that interests you at all! I'm listening to it that way and it's amazing, Bray reads it herself and does all kinds of different voices. things like the "commercials" really come to life, I honestly don't think it would have the same spark on the written page.

  3. I find Libba Bray hard to follow. She has great story ideas, but the way she tells them is hard for me to read. I feel bad because I want to read them. =)

    Oh, and LOVE me some Zombies too!

    David Wellington and rhiannon frater great zombie authors also!!

  4. Great books! they look amazing! : ) Beauty queens looks pretty good, hope you continue reading and enjoy it!

    My Monday

  5. Misfit looks really good (especially the cover!). I haven't read the first book in Death and Decay (Rot and Ruin?), but I am really intrigued by the series.


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