Monday 11 July 2011

It's Monday, What Are You Reading? (35)

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?, is a bookish meme hosted by One Person's Journey Through a World of Books, where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It’s a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list. So hop on over to Journey and join in...and leave a comment here so I can check out what you are reading. All links on book titles go to Goodreads. :)

Books I Read Last Week:

I keep finding these on NetGalley, and I think they're pretty awesome actually. I'm not a huge graphic novel fan, since I haven't really read any, but I do like these. They're funny, and the characters are pretty awesome. I love the whole idea of their boyfriend is a monster too. Like the first one, her boyfriend started to become a zombie, then in the next one, her boyfriend was Frankenstein...and in this one, I'll just say her boyfriend bites, like the title says. ;)

This was my first time reading anything by Jennifer Echols, and I really liked it! I totally got hooked into this book. I got it from Simon and Schuster's GalleyGrab, and I couldn't stop reading....I seriously stayed up until at least 3am reading Love Story...and I had to work later that day, but it was all good. I didn't have to work until 4pm. :P

I read this one for a blog tour, and I really liked it. It had some great characters, wicked action sequences, and an awesome storyline and history. It's definitely worth checking out. :)

Reading Now:
I'm totally loving this series! I'm trying to read Dust and Decay slowly though because I want to make it last as long as possible...this probably won't last long though. I'm not always that patient when it comes to reading a book! haha

The 19 Dragons just came out this week, and I started it the other day. I haven't finished it yet though. I should finish it this week though. :D

After the Party was in Simon and Schuster's GalleyGrab and I decided to give it a go. I'm about half way through it, and it's not bad. Definitely not the usual book I read, but I am enjoying it. I'm loving how it's organized too, it's very mysterious for a contemporary book that isn't really a mystery. :)

Books I Want to Read This Week:

*I'm gonna leave this one open-ended this week! I wanna finish what I've started first. I'm so glad that I actually finished some stuff this week though. I was getting worried that I wouldn't get any reading done now that I'm working. :P

And what are you reading???

Check out One Person's Journey Through a World of Books to see others are reading. :)

Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. I'm loving those graphic novels on NetGalley too! They're actually really good and great between more "heavy" books I think. Also, don't you just love Jonathan Mayberry? Amazing!

    Hope you have a fabulous reading week and if you get a second stop my to see what I've been reading at There's A Book! :)

  2. my my Jennifer Echols book is Forget You and i really liked it :) happy reading!

  3. Love Story and Dust and Decay both look like good ones. New follower.

  4. You have some great looking reads here! Have fun!

  5. Love Story and After the Party both look great!

    My week in review is pretty good this week :)

  6. @bookchilla: I just ordered that one from The Book Depository, and i'm definitely looking forward to reading it! :D Thanks! Happy Reading to you too! :D

    @BookBelle: Love Story was awesome, and Dust and Decay is too! Awe! Welcome, and thanks for following! :D

    @Sheila: Thanks! :D

    @Lisa: They are! You should definitely check them out! :D

  7. You have some great books there! I really want to read The Last Archangel and Dust & Decay. Have a great week : )

    What I'm Reading

    Suzanne @ Under the Covers

  8. @Under the Covers: Thanks! :D I hope you get to read them sometime soon then. :) You too! :D

  9. After the Party is on my wishlist. This week I finished only library books and review copies. Please come see what I read.


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