Saturday 9 April 2011

Dewey's 24-Hour Read-A-Thon Booklist!

Hey everybody! :D

I've decided on a few books that I want to read for the 24-Hour Read-a-Thon! I'll add more if I'm ahead in my reading too! ;) I'll keep you posted!'s my list: 

Number of Pages: 162
I've been wanting to read this one for a while and I found it super cheap on a bookstore on campus the other day and I just had to have it! I'm pretty excited to start this one. :D

Number of Pages: 276
I love the Elizabeth Scott's books that I've already read, so I'm pretty excited to try this one out too. :D

Number of Pages: 123
I absolutely loved this series when I was younger and it's one I still cling onto! I have every single one of the Abby Hayes books...including the bonus ones. I ♥ Abby Hayes! I always feel like an amazing reader when I read these books too because I read them so fast. ;)

Number of Pages: 234
This book sounds hilarious! I almost read Bloodthirsty a couple months ago...but school got in the way and I put it back on the shelf...but now I'm going for it, and I am soooo psyched! :D

Number of Pages: 216
I bought this one months ago, and I figured I could easily read it on a weekend because it's pretty short, but something has always came more putting it off though, I'm reading it! :)

Number of Pages: 290
 I think I'm most excited to read Wings! I've heard amazing things, and I am so excited to start this series! :D


 I included the page numbers so that you guys could see how long each of these books are. You might have noticed that all of the books that I picked have lower page counts, I did that because on Dewey's FAQ page someone recommended using shorter books so you don't get bored, so I'm gonna try that out, and then maybe I'll finish with a longer one...we shall see. :)

I also included all of the books' Goodreads pages in case there were any that you guys wanted to check out. :)

Wish me luck's gonna be a long (but awesomely book-filled!) 24-hours...I'm not starting for a while though, I'm gonna get some sleep first. ;)

I'll post again once I get started! :D

Happy Reading!!!

♪♫ Ambur


  1. Great books you've chosen. Hope you get through them all. Love that cover for Coraline - I've not seen it before. :)

  2. Hey! Making cheerleading rounds of the blogs I follow participating. Good luck and happy reading! Hope you get to Wings. SO good!


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