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Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

CITY OF BONES by Cassandra Clare

I'm a huge Cassandra Clare fan. I've yet to find one of her books that I didn't like. City of Bones was her first published book, and it's no wonder why it's so popular. It's full of action, as well as characters that you can't help but feel like you're friends with.
Clary is a fierce and definitely stubborn heroine. I loved that she was never afraid to get right into the action, despite the fact that she was so inexperienced in the Shadow World. She’s also witty, I love reading books where the characters just have lines that bounce off one another, and City of Bones is definitely one of those books. Some of the banter in this book is hilarious. If I were in stand-up, I’d be tempted to steal some of it if I could find the right situation to use it in.

Clary’s best friend, Simon, is another amazing character. He’s the go-to friend. Simon’s that friend that you know you can always count on, even if you totally pissed him off. He’s the best guy friend that most girl’s wish that they had, and I don’t mean that he likes to shop and all that, he’s just a reliable, friendly and awesome person to be around.

Well, I’m not going to talk about all of the characters here, but I have left my favourite one for last. He is of course, Jace. Oh how I loved reading about Jace. He is without a doubt, my biggest book crush ever. I’ve read the three books that are out five times, and it’s been months since I read them last and Jace is still the bomb diggity in my eyes. I won’t lie, I think he is freaking gorgeous, but I also love his personality. He’s definitely harsh at times, and knows how to hurt people, but at other times he is so sweet and he’s so funny. He has some of my favourite one-liners in the series, Simon has some too, but I just love some of the things Jace says. I may just have to do a post of some of my favourite lines in this series. :)

Okay, so I’ve told you about some of the characters, and why I love them, but now I’m gonna tell you a little more about the book as a whole. I’ve heard people say that they really didn’t like this book, and that they couldn’t get past the beginning. To be honest, I never had that problem. I was drawn in as soon as that blue-haired guy tried to get into Pandemonium. But, if you do have a problem with getting into the beginning, I just have to say...keep going! It’s an amazing story, within an amazing world that seemed to seamlessly fit within our own. You can almost believe that Shadowhunters, demons, and downworlders really exist, and that we just can’t see them. I love that New York was the main setting for the series. I’ve never been there, but boy do I want to go many amazing things to see, and I love that Clary and the others are so familiar with it all. I felt like I knew the city too.

The first time I read City of Bones I finished it probably within a day (to be honest, I think I’ve pretty much read it at that pace every time, it is that awesome), and I was so glad that I’d already purchased City of Ashes because I couldn’t wait to read more. I also got lucky and started this series right after City of Glass came out, so I had absolutely no wait time, because at that time, City of Glass was the last book. Now there are going to be three more books in the series and I couldn’t be more excited. I can’t wait to read City of Fallen Angels!

I’m planning on reviewing City of Ashes and City of Glass as well, and I’ll probably do Clockwork Angel too, why not right? :P

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Also,  I absolutely love the idea of Alex Pettyfer for Jace, so I just have to leave you with a fanmade picture ;)


  1. Nice review! I hadn't heard about some not being able to get past the beginning. Interesting...I'm with you, I've been taken hook, line, and sinker with the books. JACE!;P

  2. Awe thanks :D
    Ya when I first read City of Bones I looked it up and I read a review on Amazon I think where the person said they couldn't get through it, and I was kinda shocked lol
    I'm totally smitten with this series :D
    oh that Jace ;) lol


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